We don't stop going to school when we graduate

Mar 31, 2011

Hi Everyone!! I hope you're having a great day! I am. I just had my advising meeting to sign up for next year's classes... I thought I needed 25 units to graduate, turns out, I only need 18!! What the!! Praise the Lord, right?! By this time next year I'll be... paying back my student loans! Anyways, there are a few quirks to work out, but they'll all get taken care of in time. What thrilling news! I've worked my little booty off, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It's getting bigger! YAY! But in a way I'm kinda sad... actually I'm totally sad. I don't wanna leave my new friends! I wanna stay with them forever!

Speaking of school, they're having some kind of Jr. High Band event and all of these super cute little Jr. high children are walking around with their instruments and their parent. Oh the days...

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear today.  I bought this dress a little while ago from Freestyle (shock), and I just fell in love with it! The sleeves are so cute! It has shoulder pads, but it's not like... Golden Girls status. I know that look is in kinda, but it's really not for me. I'm not into the 80's power woman look. I'm more into the... Sound of Music meets Midtown look.

 It's was still a little bit breezy this morning when I started taking pictures, so I threw on this little jacket. It's super light, so it's not warm at all, it just blocks the wind...a wind breaker!

 OH!! So remember how I told you that I wish I had taken pictures of Nathan while he was frosting the cupcakes... well just feast your eyes on these little moments I caught of my Wubby making dinner because I was too inundated with homework!

 I honestly don't know if he is flexing or not in this picture, but does it really matter? Look how funny his face looks!! That cheese he's grating is probably melting from the hotness! haha.
 Nathan, my beautious housewife! Silly wubby!

After writing this blog, I'll be off to slaving  away once more over ear training homework. It never ends I tell you!!  HOWEVER, I have to tell you this: I've been really praying about my math class. I'm a music major!! I'm not good at it, and I hadn't taken in for over 10 years (sophomore Geometry), and so this semester, I find myself in College Aldebra...rough. I've been slowly hobbling and struggling along, until last night! I was praying for a major break through before I sat down to try to teach myself about qudratic equations, and while I was reading...it clicked! All of the sudden I got it! Granted, the homework still took me 4 hours, but the concepts made sense, and all my answers were correct!! So hooray!! I'm gonna pass my math class, and after I do, I'll never have to take a math class again!!!!
Well everyone, thats it for me. This picture was not staged, my homework really is strewn about all over the place. If you're looking for a really great book about what it takes to be truly great leader (other than the Bible) I reccomend that red one at the bottom of the picture. It's called Good to Great, you won't be dissapointed! Anyways, I hope you guys are able to take advantage of this beautiful weather, I'm gonna milk it for all its worth!!!

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  1. Love the sleeves!!



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