I Know My Redeemer Liveth

Apr 9, 2012

Hello everyone! For it is Monday. The official last day of my spring break. How have I decided to spend it? by watching all of season 3 of Parks and Recreation in one sitting. Fully taking advantage of the time to be lazy. Actually, I can't really say that, I actually do have things to do, like give voice lessons, and work with high school musicians (if I could do that as a full time gig, and then blog on the side, I'd be in heaven).

Anyways, this isn't what I wore today, this what I wore on Easter Sunday! I love Easter, I kind of mentioned that in Saturday's post, if you click on this link to the Gospel Coalition, this site will give you all you need to know about what I believe :) I Really hope you decided to give it a look.
 When it comes to Easter, and spring time, I firmly believe that you should wear as many colors at the same time as possible, and that's exactly what I decided to do.

 I went for it again with the head band curls. This time I left my hair a little bit damp and kept it in over night. If you can believe it, this is what it looked like after two hours and combing it to calm it down! It lasted all day without having any product in it at all. Needless to say this is my new favorite hairstyle.
 Not every picture can be a winner! ha!

Well you guys, I hope you had a fantastic Easter Sunday! Remember that Jesus lives, and we can walk in Victory when we walk with him! Hooray!! See you soon!

Worm Farm

Apr 7, 2012

Hello Everyone! IT’s now Saturday, and it becoming frighteningly close to the end of spring break. I guess I shouldn’t get too tweaked considering Summer is coming up in 36 days. The real scare is graduation! Like I said I’m on the job hunt. I’ve put my resume into a few places and have made a few phone calls, but I’m still gonna apply to everything I can get my hands on. Being a music major, I’m trying to find jobs in the field, which are more than I thought, so that’s kind of cool.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. I love the little bow at the neckline! For the past few weeks our weather has been less than stellar, (which I guess is to be expected considering 70 degree weather in the winter is totally abnormal) but since It’s warm, I’m gonna take advantage! I’ve had a few safety scares at our apartment these past few weeks, so I’ve decided to just take pictures on my back patio, which is sadly the least picturesque place in all time and history. 

 Our patio was totally and completely covered in leaves before took pictures. So I thought I woudl just casually sweep them away. Not thinking this completely through, it didn't occur to me that it was an entire winter's worth of wet soggy leaves... When I got down to the bottom of the leaf pile, it was a like a WORM FARM!! There were worms everywhere! GROSS. I'm not a bug person, so sorry all you green thumbs out there who are offended by my hatred for worms. But as you can see, I powered through, and eventually swept the whole patio.
 Today, I thought I would take the sock bun for a test run (learned all my rhyming skills from Dr. Seuss). My layers are a little crazy from growing out, but for the most part it totally worked! I did have to put in a few bobby pins, but hey! Better than back-combing the living day-lights out of my hair and breaking all the ends! We’ll see tonight what the end result is with the curls.  My hair kinks super easy when you put a hair band in it, so I’m thinking it won’t be that cute.
 I got these sunglasses when Nathan was in desperate need and we found a buy one get one free kiosk at Long Beach!
 Well everyone, that’s about it for me today! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday afternoon! We’re gonna go to our church’s Easter service tonight so that we can go home early tomorrow and spend Easter with our families a little bit longer. I love love love Easter. It’s literally the whole reason I believe anything I do, and have any hope for anything. Easter is the best! Jesus is the best! See you soon!

That last day does not bring extinction to us

Apr 5, 2012

Hello everyone!! Happy Thursday to you. I'm now back in Northern California somehow coping with the fact that I'm not in Disneyland, or Long Beach, or San Diego. What a full and wonderful trip with my super great family! Seriously, couldn't have asked for a more fun vacation. We wandered all over Southern California and laughed, and ate, and back-seat drove (okay, maybe just I did that), and played, and shopped the whole time! It was seriously so great. But every vacation has to end sometime, and you don't want it to last too long, because then you start to hate vacation! sad! Well, here are my last few pictures of my vacation. This is San Diego at the Cabrillo National Monument. Could you imagine a more beautiful day? Nope, me neither.

 Nathan is surveying his empire. Ha.

 HAHAHA! My dress blew-up like a cupcake. Whoopsie! But look at that sweet boat! You could see the NAVY base from the monument. It was really neat! Thanks boys, (and girls!) for your service!
 There was really cute kid exhibit in the visitor's center!
 This was my favorite one.
 HA! Of course my brother had to try on this armor!

 OKAY... This might have been second to Disneyland on this whole trip. We went down to go check-out the tide pools! Have you ever see one? They are amazing! There are sea-creatures in the crevices of the rocks! It was so great! The animals are all very small and shy (duh, they're wild, not in an aquarium), but they are so wonderful and cool! We saw a really beautiful little purple and green crab, but every time I tried to take a picture, it would go back into his little cave.

 here's a little teeny tiny hermit crab!
 Nathan was so cute. He love love love loves sea animals, so he was right in his element. He was looking at the crab.

Oh beautiful San Diego. I was sad to say goodbye to by Brothers and Mandi, and my extended family who live down there, but it gives me an excuse to go down there and visit. It was so super wonderful. Here are a few extra pics from the whole of our trip :)

That's it for me today. Back the the real world. See you soon!

The sea, holds one in it's spell of wonder forever

Apr 3, 2012

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a great day! I definitely am! I'm currently in the beautiful town of San Diego, my favoritist city to visit, and the weather is more beautiful than any day in the history of the world.

This isn't what I decided to wear today, if fact, these aren't even pictures of San Diego. This is what I wore yesterday to Long Beach when we went to the Aquarium. I wore this exact outfit to to school a few days before, and I joked that I would wear it on a fancy yacht, and wouldn't you know, there were a million fancy yachts where we were! Unfortunately I was not invited on to any single one.

Maxi-Skirts are my greatest obsession right now, I wish I had a million! This specific skirt is from my first sponsor: Sheinside.com! I'm not typically a fan of the color red, but I couldn't keep my eyes off it. 

Well everyone, thats about it for me today!! I gotta get back to the beauty of San Diego!! Like I mentioned earlier, I got that beautiful skirt from Sheinside.com, there are so many cute things on the site, I hope I get to represent the company again soon!!

Your Heart Starts Beating Like a Big Brass Band

Apr 2, 2012

Hello Everyone!! I hope you're having a good morning, I know it's Monday, but I'm on an all-paid family vacay in Southern California for spring break so everyday is Saturday!! Here are some of the pictures I took from our one day of Disney yesterday. The first two are just pictures from the hotel. This post is seriously photo overload, I realize that, but my camera said I took 153 photos yesterday, so this is seriously just a small portion.

 I couldn't deny this dress. The Bows are too perfect.

 Brothers from Stockton
 What the...

 Hay Lay-DEES!

 So... We may or may not have access to Club 33, the secret club by the Blue Bayou... And we may or may not have had hands down the best food in our entire lives. Lordy... it was so good. Seriously... we may not EVER have this experience again in my whole entire life, so I geeked, and took a ton of pictures to share with you.

 Everything was so beautiful and delicious! It was so crazy fancy and wonderful. I couldn't have possibly imagined anything more perfectly great than our lunch at Club 33. We toasted to the major accomplishments of my brother and I graduating from College, my Parent's 30th wedding anniversary, My other brother's growing music career, and mine and nathan's growth, and Mandy's first year of College. Couldn't have been a better reward. Yes. That cupcake has glitter on it, and it tasted magical.
And then I walked out to this. I'm so glad I had sunglasses on, because maybe I started to tear up... I love Julie Andrews more than any other celeb, and while this isn't actually her, it was still really super wonderful. 
You're never too old to thoroughly indulge in the full magic if Disney.
Nathan and I got engaged at snowhite's wishing well...magic.
Well everyone, thats about it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my pictures, and a sneek peak into the secret world of Club 33. If you've never heard of it, you should look it up, it's like...every crazy Disney Person's Dream. Dreams really do come true at Disney! See you soon!

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