Morning Has Broken, Like The First Morning (+ Jessup Feature: Alyssa Severin)

Feb 28, 2011

Hi everyone!! It's 8:22 in the morning and I'm sitting in class. People are talking about God, and the problem of evil. You know, just light conversation to start the school week!! For the most part, I'm a total morning person. After I get out of bed, I'm pretty much ready to start my day. But even in all of my morning-person-ness, I don't get too vocal in my Christian Theology class. There are lots of cheifs, not a ton of indians... I usually decid to be an indian for this hour and a half :)

This outfit is actually a repeat outfit that I wore about two weeks ago when I played at the Ammunition Conference, but I didn't have a camera then, so it's debut on the internet is today.  
Dress: Erin Fetherston for Target from Freestyle, Sweater: Vintage, Tights: DKNY, Shoes: Eric Michael from Crossroads.

I found these shoes at Crossroads in Stockton. They were 1/2 off of $8, so I ended up getting them for only 4! Victory. Unfortunately, they have broken since I took this picture, so I have to take them to a shoe repair place.
Yesterday, while we were still in Stockton, Nathan and I went to Crossroads and I have to say, it's not the same as it used to be. I used to go in and feel like the super cute shop girls were my friends! There was a time when I couldnt get enough of that store. I did buy two really cute dresses, and some great shoes, but the days of chatting up the employees and talking about the latest great thing that has come in are gone. I'd much much much rather go to Big Valley Thrift or Superior Thrift now when I visit Stockton, better prices and more to look at anyways. I'm not a store basher, I'm really not, in fact, I worked for this company on three separate occasions and loved it! But, that was looong time ago...
evidently, I'm asleep at the wheel!! HAHAHA!!

What a beautiful day!! Citrus Heights is such a nice town, I love that there's lots of trees.
 My First Jessup Feature!!
Alyssa Severin. Isn't she the cutest?!
Major: English/Literature AND Music: Piano
I just think this yellow is perfect. When she walked into music theory, I knew at once that her beautiful face need to be on this blog
I give thee: Alyssa Severin. She's the best. If you're think of how her outter beauty is radiant, it truly coming from the inside. She also has a great blog that you should definitely be following, I totally do. It's called Roots and Petals, it's a blog about Life, Love, Music, and God, so it's basically about everything thats awesome.
These Vintage-y beads are the best. The compliment both colors so well.

Alyssa's great, practical, classic bag. Vintage "Fendi" from Freestyle. Of course!!
I ate lunch in the caffe today. I never do that, I usually just sit in the Library and blog away, but today I decided to sit with my friends.
Thats all for me for today. Keep your eyes peeled for more people being featured!! It's gonna a fun one!! Enjoy this sunshine everyone:)

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.

Feb 27, 2011

Oh Hello Everyone!! OMG, Look at that sky!! Seriously, couldn't ask for a more beautiful sunday morning!! Nathan and I are still in Stockton, so I took advantage of my mom's beautiful garden to take pictures. It's kind of muddy, but whatevs, when you have a garden as a resource, you're a lunatic not to take advantage! I think I would be a terrible candidate to live someplace legitimately cold. I love the sun way too much. Even if it is kinda chilly.

Coat: Vinatge, Top: Thrifted, Skirt: F21 from Freestyle, Tights: Spanx, Wedges: BCBGirls from Freestyle.
  One of the buttons is missing from the coat, but it's in the pocket, I just have to get around to sewing it back on. It was such a steal. When I saw the price, it didn't even matter to me that spring is right around the corner. Besides, it's still pretty cold out. Easily under 50.

Me and Mandy at church. We're very American as you can see. Look how cute she is. The foyer at our church get really beautiful natural light.

I had my eye on these shoes for a while at freestyle. They're wedge platforms, so they feel more like a flat. Not great shoes to walk around the flea market, but they're perfect for church, or a show! We also went for pizza after church. There's a mission group going to Haiti, and they were doing a pizza lunch fundraiser thing at Straw Hat. Pizza.

Well everyone thats it for now. I hope your Sunday is warm and beautiful. I'll see you soon!!

No One Can Say That My Hair Hasn't Grown To Look Just Like Justin Beiber...

Feb 26, 2011

Hi there everyone!!
How's your weekend going? I hope it was as good as mine. As we always do, Nathan and I went home to visit family in Stockton. And he's actually currently visiting his parents. I stayed back to work on my FAFSA form, and I also filed our Federal Taxes, while that might not be the funnest thing ever, it sure is a weight lifted off my shoulders. Hopefully the FAFSA pays off...literally. Anyways, like I said in a previous post, my little brother is home from southern California, and so he and his super adorable girlfriend (to be featured soon), and Nathan and I went to the flea (market that is). I didn't take any outfit pictures today, my outfit was pretty boring, but here's a little photojournalism of our day:)

Good Lord!!! Who is this little boy?! Is it Justin Beiber? No, It's just me, Rachel Parrish, with undone hair. This is why I don't even wear my hair down. Talk about awkward grow-out period!! This is my "I told you so face".

This is what  must do to look nothing like Justin Beiber. This is also what I look like with not a single bit of make-up on.

Embarking on our journey to Stockton. What a beautiful man he is. I wub my wubby.

I will never learn. But look at monkey/claw hand! What the heck am I saying? Probably , "Hoh, shoot! I didn't do it right!"

Matt and Mandi looking a sweet old typewriter. Dont be fooled by the beautiful sky. It was only 45 degrees out, and windy...

We ran into Matt and Mandi's friends from school. Sam (the guy with the cosby sweater) might be one of the funniest people ever, and he also has a super friendly smile.

Good thing my eyes are closed!! anyways, I played xylophone on Nathan's new EP. When it comes out, you'll have to hear how I brought the metal.

Matt and Nathan talking about things I don't understand. I think I left shortly after to go to Target with my mom.

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My Ode to Man Repeller

Feb 25, 2011

This is seriously what this day looks like. I was actually blown to this point in the road. It was a pretty crazy drive to school. now... Is it safe to take a picture of the rainy wet road (say that three times fast)? Probably not, but seriously, look was hideous weather!!!

This day is crazy!! The weather is worse than anything I have ever seen! buut for whatever reason, I still decided to get cute. Wait, I know why. I had to lead worship in chapel, AND I have this blog, which inspires me to get cute. It was soooo cold and windy however that as soon as I stepped out of the door, I had to run back in and get my trusty beret.
So, For those of you who don't know what Man Repeller is, just click here, and you will know.The first time I saw this sweater it was hanging up on the wall at Freestyle, and I loved it instantly. When I pointed it out to my Husband, he said "Oh yeah, we just got that in, I hate it." and to which I replied "WHAT! You don't know anything about fashion". Anyways, we can all see who's advice I took...mine, and I'm very satisfied. Nathan...not so much. But seriously, what does he know? Also, I made the scarf that I'm wearing. It's so cozy and warm. I love scarves, and it's one of my favorite colors, rust.

Sweater: Sleeping on Snow from Freestyle, Grey Tank: AA (borrowed from Nathan), Lacey Tank: Volcom from Crossroads, Jeans: GAP from Freestyle, Boots: Dr Martins from Freestyle

I really like the ruffly-ness of the hem and sleeves. They're ruffly, not belled, which for the most part I hate.

I freaking MADE this!!

Your shins better get out the way of these boots. they are vrey tough! I wore them to face the weather. They served me very well. My little footsies weren't wet or cold!!

I also went out for a lunch date with my beautious friend Rachel, who's boyfriend's name is NATHAN!! Crazy. Anyways, she's truly one of my dearest friends, and I adore here. We went to Panera and chatted about all things life.

Rachel eating her vegan whatever she ordered. she'll probably say she doesn't look cute in this picture, but shes wrong! 

Tomato and Mozzarella Panini, Tomato Soup, Apple. Thanks Panera!!!

Hate is too great a burden to BEAR.

Feb 24, 2011

Hi everyone!! So, yesterday was a beautiful day, filled with SHEEP (scroll down) and starbucks, but today... today is a gloomy cold windy day that called for a little bit warmer clothes. Tuesday and Thursdays are nice days because I dont have to be at school until 12:30. If I have loose homework ends to tie, I do, if I feel like making pancakes, I do, its nice. Today, I felt like going to my very favorite store in all the world, (which I will feature on this blog specially soon) Freestyle Clothing Exchange. Transition from fall to winter here is the weirdest, but i love love love spring color, and I'm so over wearing all black, so I went to Freestyle, to sell sell sell, and get some new stuff. One of my glorious findings you shall see tomorrow:)

This is what I decided to wear today. This is one of my most favorite sweaters!! It has a bear on it! It's super cozy, and loose, it's just the best. It's kind of itchy, but it's vintage, so what do you expect? It's short, so I have to wear a longer tank under it, so that takes away the itchiness a little bit. My jeans are pretty run of the mill. I'm not into wearing jeans, I only have three pairs. I'm much more of a dresses and skirts kinda girl. But it's just too too cold for that today. this is one of my favorite pairs of boots. vintage Justin cowboy boots... worn in and comfy, not too pointy like some can be. great for winter.
Sweater: vintage from Freestyle, Jeans: Express from Freestyle, Tank: thrifted, Boots: Vintage from Freestyle

This bear has the friendliest face! He just looks like he wants to give you a nice warm hug and cup of hot chocolate

These are my old stand bys. I carry the same bags every single day. While I do put a lot of thought into what I wear, I dont really put time and thought into accesories, This old dooney is exactly what I love: classic, vintage, dependable. Brief case I got for Christmas from my parents this year. It's vintage Coach, and it's perfect for my laptop and my acordian file.
 So, it's freezing out, so I have to wear a coat, this is the one I went with today. My army coat. It's very warm, and it still goes with my bear sweater.
coat: K2 from Freestyle

the furry part on the inside makes this little buddy feel right at home:)

AND let us not forget the sheep. The city of Rocklin has these "sheep people" come out with their sheep to eat the grass, so wheny ou drive by any feilds, there's a good chance that there will be sheep as far as the eye can see. What a green way to take care of the weeds!! I think whats really funny is how loud they are. you can hear them bleating from a mile away!!

All Rachel All the Time... Not.

Feb 23, 2011

Hello wonderful people. I think for part of this blog, I’m gonna feature people other than myself for my blog. I’m a college student at William Jessup University, and as a music student, I’m around some really beautiful, creative, and fashionable women (who all love the Lord to top it off!!) So, I think once a week or so I’ll have someone, who’s not me, on my blog! Doesn’t that sound fun? I already have people in mind, so you better get ready friends!!
Check out the beautiful and inspiring people of WJU. Seriously.
This picture was taken in Monterey on Choir Tour last fall. It was my Birthday and these lovely lovely LOVELY people made sure I had the best day. and I did. great friends, super great friends.

I did what I promised, and I still don't have a horse! What About it?!

Feb 23, 2011

Hi Everyone!! Today has been a long day! I woke up this morning super early because I remembered that I had music theory  homework due today that I had completely forgotten about!! AHHH!!

But lets get real for one moment. I really love Wednesdays. We have chapel twice a week at Jessup and today we had two really great guests come. 1) the Katinas!! so many memories of being driven to and from elementary school in my mom's Safari van listening to the local Christian music station, and the Katinas were always on. 2) Rene Schaefer (totally wrong spelling). He talked about the concept of living in Grace. What a beautfiul message! The Lord doesn't want us work work work, slave slave slave, do do do for him, he wants us to recieve Him!! Thanks Lord, you truly are the best!

this is what I decided to wear today. This cardigan sweater was a $5 find at my favorite thrift store in Stockton, Big Valley Thrift. I never come away empty handed, and I always go with my mom. It's kind of our thing that we do. We have good talks, and if I'm real sweet, and real lucky, she buys me stuff!!

Cardigan: Vintage, Thrifted, Dress: Thrifted, Stockings: Spanks, Boots: vintage

I wish the picture had come out better, but the buttons on this cardigan have little coat-of-arms sheilds on them! The best thing about this vintage sweater is that it is like a rock. These buttons are sewed on so well. They've lasted this long...they'll last forever!

This is where you can find me almost every afternoon. Homework time. We moved our dining room table into the living room in front of our couch so Nathan could put his tattoo stuff there. It makes homework-doing very cozy:)

Ps. Are you telling your friends about my blog?! If you are, you'll get a treat!! I dont know what it is yet, but a treat really will come to you!! Is a give away in the future? Yes. Yes it is.

I Think We're All Just Moderately Wingin' It

Feb 22, 2011

Hello all you wonderful people. I hope everyone in this area is being truly appreciative of this beautious weather. I thought it was going to be rainy, thats what the internet machine said. But it wasn't! Thanks Lord. Nathan and I stayed up here in the sacramento area for most of the weekend, but as we normally do, we went down to Stockton to visit the fam.

My mom's backyard is soooo much more beautiful than any place I could find to take pictures at my house, so I took advantage before we drove up to go back to school/work. The Awkwardness is still very much a factor. Somehow though, when you're outside, it's not quite so bad... I mean... LOOK AT THE WEATHER.

Sweater: thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes (Deena and Ozzy from Freestyle), Navy Tank Dress (AA from Freestyle)
 This sweater is sooooo cozy!! It's like a robe thats acceptable to wear in public!! Not mention its way more exciting than my boring ol' long black cardigan. Confession: I wore this navy tank dress yesterday as top under a skirt as well, but I'm justified in that you couldnt hardly see it with my outfit yesterday!

This crinkly/pleated skirt is quite possibly the most figure flattering skirt known to mankind

I love pockets. I'm so awkward with my hands otherwise.
I was trying to figure out the self-timer on my little camera that I found, and I tried to take a picture of myself from the dashboard of the car... that clearly worked great!

sunglasses: Tattered House Vintage
Oh yeah, my brother is home from Hollywood, and it's always grrrrreat to see him when he comes home. My parent's dogs also love it.
Here's what we look at on our way home from Stockton. Not bad. My camera'a not great so you can't see how beautiful the mountains are way in the back....

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