Who Knows How Words Are Formed?

Feb 7, 2011

I've been thinking seriously about this blog, and how if I'm gonna get anywhere with this page I need three things:
1) Someone to help me with pictures and stuff
2) People who follow/subscribe to this blog
3) Sponsors and advertisers. (I'll make a separate page if you wanna be one of these, filled with info and disclaimers).

I think i'm gonna focus on #1 this week, my husband's attitude about taking pictures of me isn't the best (in a funny/manly kind of way). maybe I'll search out multiple people to aid me in my quest. This is when I wish my dear friend Joy Sovinec lived in town. Our blog would be unstoppable!!

If you can think of any ways to held with any three of these areas, I'm all ears! You just let me know!

Soon this blog will look totally different. My brother the graphics pro is working on something totally cute, I'm really excited about it.

Until next time...

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