Don't you dare badmouth Star Wars! That was all accurate!

Dec 27, 2011

Hi Everyone. ‘Tis the days after Christmas and everything Holiday-wose is starting to wind down. Our holiday was a little interrupted by my having to work Christmas eve, but that’s okay, it was a really pleasant work day. We got to spend a lot of time with my family, and that was really nice. Our nephews are still young enough to get toys for Christmas, so it was fun seeing them open up Star Wars figures. I somehow managed to not take a single picture, so sadly, I have no pictures to share with you of our holiday… wow…

Anyways, today is a day of catching up and comfy outfits. So this is what I decided to wear today as I go and run a few errands. It’s not a very creative outfit, but it gets the job done. It’s been probably the sunniest winter in history here, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, so I don’t have to wear a coat today. This makes shopping very convenient, because well… who wants to wear a heavy coat while walking around Target? No one.

Maybe it’s a faux-pas to wear socks with flats, but I really like the color combo here, and while it’s too warm to wear a coat, it’s still too cold to wear just flats. Plus, I got these little grey babies for Christmas and cashmere socks are like the coziest socks known to mankind!

So… that’s about it for me today. I hope your holidays were all wonderful and peaceful. Can you believe the new year is 4 days away? Where did the rest of it go? Oh 2011... I’m actually ready to see you go, I’m looking forward to a new year. Well everyone, I’ll see you soon!

How can a train be lost? It's on rails

Dec 22, 2011

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going great! The weather here has been so nice! It's been so sunny and brisk and beautiful. Oh man, what a great week. Today I actually do have to go into work, but I don't mind it. For those of you who aren't aware, and I dont know why you would care so much, but i've been working at Kohls for the Holiday season. The customers are really super pleasant, even in the midst of holiday craziness. It's really low-stress, and the part I like the best is, unlike school, when I get home, I'm home! No homework!! Weird. It is kind of a weird feeling to not have homework. I feel like I should be doing work, but there's no work to be done!

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. It's pretty businessy for just being a cashier at Kohl's but hey, it never hurts to dress for success. I really love this skirt, it's really sure comfy with the elastic waistband and stuff. I was joking with a girlfriend of mine at Freestyle that we are prejudiced again F21 and H&M because we're so tired of seeing our closests filled with it, well... guess what: this striped sweater is H&M and the skirt is F21. Whatevs! If it's on trend, I'll buy it no matter the label. I'm a trend whore through and through.

 Another day of full on make-up. I love having time in the morning! I also love having enough energy at night actually take care of my skin before I go to bed, for once, I'm not totally pooped by the end of the day. Having time and energy... what the!

Well everyone thats about it for me. I'm at shady with Erin, and I'm being totally rude by updating my blog and checking out my etsy activities. I've put a few new things in the store by the way. One thing has already been sold, so thats fun. Anyways, I hope you have a great day, I'll see you soon.

Everything you just said, is MY favourite thing to do, every day

Dec 21, 2011

Good morning everyone! Well, I guess now it’s technically afternoon by the time this actually gets online. I have had such a great week thus far. It has been a week of Christmas decorating, Music listening, Coffee Drinking, blogging, and hanging out with my Wubby. What could be better? I don’t know. I really don’t. I’m still waiting on two of my grades to come in, Science, and Developmental Psychology. Both finals of which, were a little bit tough. Especially science, but I’m not going to get into it, because… I never have to take a science class ever again, as long as I live. Praise the Lord!
Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. I wore this last night to dinner when my brother Chris came into the airport. It was so great seeing him. Seriously, the men in my family are so funny! My Husband, my brothers, my nephews, even my dad! They are all hilarious! My youngest brother Matt comes in today. Can’t wait! Oh, Christmastime.

This sweater vest thing is actually a XXL. I had my eye on it when it first came to Freestyle, because I really love the knit pattern of it, but the size deterred me. I’m so glad I decided to look past the tag and get it. For those of you who know me outside of this blog, you know how much I hate being cold. As soon as I get home from anywhere I throw on this worn-out pink robe (I’ve only had it a year). This sweater feels like I’m wearing a more chic version of my robe! Much to my Wubby’s dismay, I’m sure!

I’m a huge believer in “if I just wait, whatever I want eventually comes into Freestyle”. I’m always right! I never have to look anywhere else! As was the case with this tall slouchy boots.
Well you wonderful people, that’s about it for me today. I’m babysitting the Ruscica kids tonight. Seriously, there are no kids on the planet who more fun to watch than these kids, I always look forward to seeing them. Tomorrow I’m having a coffee date with my dearest dear, Erin, should be a fun post! See you soon!

If a woman shows up in a fur coat, I just assume she's a crook

Dec 20, 2011

Hello everyone! Today is Tuesday, and I’ve had a very lazy day thus far. I have really done anything remarkable to speak of however, can I tell you about I movie I got from the Blockbuster Express (basically a blockbuster redbox)? I decide to be cool and hip and rent the movie “Terri” It seemed like the Sundance glory of year. But guess what? I guess I’m not cool or hip enough, because… well… I really hated it. John C Reilly was in it, and he was the saving grace of the movie, if there was one… Oh gosh. It was really sad, and really weird… as sometimes indie films can be. I don’t know, maybe I didn’t get it. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to movies but not this one.

ANYWAYS! Now that my boring morning has been proclaimed to the internet, Here’s what I decided to wear today. Pretty bold huh! I undertstand that the suburbs are really no place for a leopard fur coat and a leather mini, but you know what? As my little brother always says, “Eff the rules!” I wear what I want! If you are reading this and you are a member of Jessup UCO, please know that I actually did ask if I could wear this outfit as a caroler… and if you can believe it, they said no. Turns out, this is not what Christmas Carolers would wear! I know, what a shock.

This coat is a bold move for me. But, I just see so many chic women out there on the blogosphere with these big poofy coats, and I think to myself “why not me?” And why not? This coat was literally 12 dollars, what do I have to lose? I guess I run the risk of people pouring fake blood on me… but people of the animal rights world, I would never wear a coat made of real leopard fur.

Well everyone that’s about it for me today. My brother is coming up from San Diego for Christmas tonight! Hooray! I can’t wait to see him. It’s gonna be so great! I hope for those of you about to embark on your Christmas travels, that your flights and train-rides, and car-rides go smoothly and safely! See you soon.

People wear shorts to the Broadway theater. There should be a law against that.

Dec 19, 2011

Hello Everyone!! If anyone else is a full-time student, you are probably in the same boat as me, really soaking up the fact that I didnt have anything to do today. I didn’t have any homework, I didn’t have class, I didn’t have meetings, I didn’t have practices. I literally had nothing. I just woke up around 9am, and laid in my bed for a few minutes! Then, I talked with my mom on the phone, without feeling like I had to rush myself off the phone. It was wonderful!! So, that means I also had plenty of time to fully put together an actual outfit, and actually put on my make up the way I’d like to! Weird!

So what did I do with my day? Well, Mondays are Nathan’s day off, so we went and saw the matinee of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I love going to the movies. Even if I don’t really like the movie all that much, I still really like just going. I can’t wait for the Muppets to come into the cheap theatre, I want to see it again. I think the Muppets wins best movie of the year for me.

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear today. Out winter in the Sacramento area never really turns into a full on wintry wonderland with snow and stuff. It was sunny and gorgeous, more like a crisp fall day. Thus making it the perfect day for a coat, and shorts and tights with boots.

I have been patiently waiting for a pair of winter shorts, and they finally came into Freestyle in the form or Green corduroy. The color and material make them perfect for this type of weather.

Well everyone, that’s about it for me today. I have to take this top-knot out of my hair. I accidentally pulled it up too tight, and it’s giving me a crazy headache! I hope for everyone that your week is starting off on the right foot. Christmas is Sunday! Crazy!! See you soon!

Night Is Falling, The World Is Sleeping

Dec 17, 2011

Hello everyone! I hope your Saturday is going great thus far! Mine is! It’s been pretty low-key. Lots of catching up on the things that really got away from me during these last few weeks. As I mentioned is my last post, it was finals, so that means the weeks before papers and projects are due. So, school got crazy, and as a result, so did my house and my car.
Tonight is the Jessup Christmas concert. Last year the event was totally sold out, so hopefully this year there’s the same enthusiasm. Huge crowds are always fun when it comes to performing. Anyways, this is one the biggest thing the music department does, so it’s gonna be really fun.

Anyways, on Wednesday I did have a little break from finals so I decided to actually put something together. The coat really makes the outfit festive, which was intentional as I was babysitting that night and I brought the kids that I watch some special Christmas treats. I wanted to look like a bearer of Christmas merriment! I think I accomplished that… especially with the cupcakes and hot cocoa. It’s also important to me that those kids like me better than their other babysitters. Hahahaha! Just kidding!! Oh, I’m so kidding. The other girls that watch them are girls that I am good friends with from school
 I think it's pretty evident by looking at my hair-don't that during finals week, even if you make an effort, sometimes you just still just look like a crazy person...

This little brooch is actually a little hair clip that my best friend growing-up made! She has a whole store on etsy full of really super cute stuff! Here are a few more examples of her really fun things! I’ve worn it in my hair before, and now that my hair actually starting to grow, I’ll be wearing this little guy way more!

Are these shoes not the funnest you have ever seen?! I know funnest isn’t a word, but it really communicates what I’m trying to say. When I was in the grocery store a man stopped me, and asked how many karats they were! He was old and funny, not like a creepy weirdo. I liked that guy.

That’s about it for me today everyone! I gotta start getting fancy for the Christmas concert tonight. Should be fun fun fun!! I’ll see you soon!

Morning Has Broken, Finals are Over....

Dec 16, 2011

Oh hello lovely people of the blogosphere. I have missed you soooo much. I've been slaving away for the past few weeks getting ready for finals! It's so sad, with the semester ending so close to Christmas, you only get to enjoy a very small portion of the Holidays. But thats okay, I have every intention of soaking up every single second of this coming week. PLUS the WJU Music Department is putting on their major Christmas Concert, there are fewer things on earth more christmas-y than that!

My brother's are coming up from Southern California this week!! I miss them while they are living down there, so it's always a real treat when they come home. I also really like it that they still call it "coming home" even though, the three of us will probably never move back to Stockton.
Anway, this is not what I'm wearing today. this is basically what I wore all week for finals. You really can't go overboard thinking about outfits when your academic life hangs in the balance! Plus wearing a bun in your hair masks the fact that you are so exhausted that you dont ever take a shower... TMI?
 you really can't go wrong with a big grey sweater and a scarf. No matter what you look relevitively put together.

 I'm not sure if I've ever worn this scarf on this blog before, but my Grandma made this scarf for me! Isn't she a doll? Why, yes, she truly is. Also, I hadn't realized that I was standing directly infront of my Christmas tree for these pictures. It's kind of on the Charlie Brown side, but hey! It's got character (literally, look hard enough and you will see them!).

Also, the last time I went home to Stockton, look what my mom surprised me with!! Bare Minerals! This stuff is cosmetic gold to me. Since we moved the Sacramento Area, I haven't really been able to afford the luxuries I once did when we were living with my Parents.  I was so happy, I almost started crying! I hate my drugstore make-up! So thanks mom.
well everone, thats about it for me today! I'm actually at Shady instead of Starbucks today workign away because now I have the time and the funds to do so now that school is over and I'm able to work more hours over at Kohls. So, I'm just gonna eat my soup and relax!! Here's a better look at mine and Nathan's glorious display of Christmastime Merriment! I hope your guy's Holiday season isn't too crazy! I feel like this is the time of year when people need to slow down, but we never actually do! Sooooo... on that note, make an attempt to take it easy this Christmas season!! See you soon!
Oh, and yes, that is Michael Jackson in that ornament thats wayyy to heavy for our little tree and, you're right, it definitely play "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Guest Blogger: Candy from Taylor And Demolish

Dec 1, 2011

Hey everyone! So here's kind of a new concept for Parrish the Thought: A GUEST BLOGGER! Why did I never think to do this before?! ANYWAYS!

You have to meet this girl. She came to me via IFB message, and I was drawn to her instantly. Her city style is so great, and she is so bold and brave. Here's an introduction to her blog, I hope you love her, because, well... us Sacramento people could use a little New Yorker style in our lives! Plus the fact, that it's probably imperative that you click on her DIY posts. SO... without Further a do: Candy!!

I've always been awkward when it came to using words to describe myself, so I've always hoped that describing myself visually did a much better job.  My love for things edgy and soft comes from the fire I have in my heart for God and my desire to be more kindhearted like Him.  I'm the Christian who wears black lipstick.  I'm the accountant who rocks a mohawk.  I'm the runner and workout fiend who is obsessed with chocolate.  I appear to be a contorted bag of contradictions but what I really just me.  I love rich (in color) and expensive (in quality) clothing but I love making things on my own, so my fashion blog, taylor & DEMOLISH, was created.  At taylor & DEMOLISH, I express everything I love about fashion, explain my personal style, and host all of my DIY projects.  I'm so grateful to God for every amazing opportunity I've received from my blog and it because of that alone that I make sure to always stay true to myself and my OWN personal style in everything I post.

DIY LINKS: Just click on the links below picture if you're feeling especially crafty :)
3 - DIY Sheer Shirt (
4 - DIY Waxed Jeans (
5 - DIY High Waisted Mini Skirt (

Well everyone! be sure to go over to taylor & DEMOLISH and check out her blog.

Thats about it for me today. Life has been busier than ever, is this the same for you? I'm going nuts I feel like. Have a great rest of your week, the weekend is coming soon! Yes, Lord! See you soon

Give Thanks To The Lord For He Is Good

Nov 23, 2011

What are you thankful for? It's a crazy thing to really think about the things that Lord blesses us with isn't it? I mean, there are times when I just get so stressed and anxious, that I forget how good I truly have it.

Let's make a list:
1. Happy Marriage (Thanks Lord!)
2. Making Music that makes money
3. Having a family that loves eachother
4. Having Sweet little pets to love
5. Having Friends that are more like Family
6. Living in a country that allows women to go to school
7. Living in a place that allows us to proclaim our faith (whatever it is!)
8. Having a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in
9. Having food to eat
10. A Savior that took ALL my burdens when I didn't deserve it.

Well everyone, that it for today! As you go to your families for thanksgiving, remember that every Good and Perfect Gift comes from Him.  God is so good to us. See you soon!

Birthdays Are Great Days For An Over-abundance Of Free Caffein

Nov 22, 2011

Hello Everyone!!! Welcome to my birthday post. Today is not my actual birthday, it was Sunday, but today is the day I celebrated it with my friends Erin and Sharon.

Birthdays are so weird right? They're really special to us, but they're not like an official holiday or anything. You can't get the day off really, but the day circles I dont know, that seems really weird to me. A day that is totally about you, just because you were born, not really becasue you did anything super great. I don't know if I really like that. However, I love when other people have birthdays, because I love to shower them with love, and tell them how great they are, I guess we should all just recieve eachother's blessings... I dont know... too many thoughts going on in my mind to make much sense of this.

ANYWAYS, here is what we all decided to wear today. What cute friends we are right?! I've featured Erin on here before, so we all know what a babe she is, but check out Sharon! How cute is she, right?! She works at Shady, and Erin and I just adore her. She's the sweetest. I always look forward to chatting with her when I go in.

 Have you ever seen a more beautiful coffee? I'll bet you haven't.
 HAHA! I forced the girls into being a part of this blog. There's a huge lot surrounded with beautiful fall trees, I dragged them over to be a part of my photo-session. Haha.
 Please feast your eyes on cute Erin, and the GLORIOUS trees! Downtown Roseville is so quite and calm and pretty,especially when the trees are all in Fall mode. Ugh... So great.

 Sharon and I have a southwestern thing going to day. Those are my new moccasin boots from Freestyle. I'm still trying to figure out how to wear them. I feel like today I kind of look like a ballerina/indian princess... I think the next time I wear this dress, I'll be wearing it with jeans. It's a little too short for comfort, and the tule on the underside gets caught on everything... this dress gets real short real fast...whoospie daisy!
 they weren't even posing!! they should be models.
 OH, speaking of birthday fun, I just couldn't leave out this little peice. I babysit the greatest kids ever on Wednesday afternoon between classes, and their mom, Brandy, made me this SUPER great hat!! This is their little girl, JJ, and we're pretty much best friends. Here we are wearing our twin hats. You can't not melt when this precious little princess says "weil Twins! mine's pulpul, and youlls is Gween!" She's just way too much for me.

So there you have it. Happy birthday to me, I'm now a 26-year-old woman. It is amazing what the Lord does in your life over the course of just one year. It's crazy how much we learn, how much we go through... It makes me realize one thing: The Lord is Good; He is never surprised. Never.

So thats about it for me today. I hope you've had a great week thus far. I know I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving (hasn't it come so quickly?!!!!) and being with my family!! Have a great Tuesday! See you soon.
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