Faith Is The Assurance of Things Hoped For... And Other Summer Plans

May 28, 2015

Hello there! 

I have very exciting news. The recording process is over. The mastering process is over. The CD Baby process is over. PARRISH EP is coming out next month, for reals! Nathan's and my labor of love over the past 6-8 months is coming to fruition

Nathan and I have a love for Americana, old country, and the Gospel plain and simple. I feel like our release is a good representation of that.

We got to record half of our EP in Topanga Canyon at Jackknife Lee's studio "The Garage". If you look closely, you can see Jackknife's Grammy for Album of the Year for How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb...yep. U2. My youngest brother works for Jackknife, and it was very kind of him to let us use his beautiful space.

Actually, my brother, Matt (Insta: MathBishop) helped us through the entire process, and for sure without him none of this could have been possible. It was such a great thing to see him truly in his element. He has such a huge talent production-wise, and such a great professional persona about him. 

A lot of love and caffeine went into this project... A lot.

So, what are my summer plans?! This is it. Play music, make music, lead worship, read, read at the beach, drink coffee, drink coffee at the beach... all with Nathan, or the Abina's, or the girls from Life (our college ministry). It's going to be glorious.

and now, I sit here pondering my school year. If you follow me on Instagram (ParrishTheThoughtBlog), you will see that I'm in sentimental mode. The first class I ever taught Bible 10 for is graduating, and they have voted for me to speak at their graduation ceremony. There are so many things I could say about this group of students, but I'll just say this. This is the class that taught me to teach, so I've grown attached. 

It never ceases to amaze and humble me; the goodness of God. His over abundant grace, and how much I do not deserve any of this. This school-year has impacted me in a major way. I had breakthrough many times over, I fasted for the first time, The Lord used me to bring a student to Him, and now I am giving the big speech at graduation. He is good, all the time. All the time, He is good.

See you soon.

Disneyland Forever!

May 4, 2015

Hello! Thought you might like to see a re-cap of what I've been up to since getting back from Spring break :) Let me tell you, I've been crazy busy...going to Disneyland!!

I really wasn't going for the dapper thing, but with short hair, and no ponytails, it just kind of happened to me. I've also been obsessed recently with my heart shaped glasses. Look how happy they are! Also, if you're drinking a mint julep in Disneyland, your glasses might just form themselves in hearts over the joy that fills your soul by being in Disneyland drinking a mint julep!
The weather was perfection, and the crowds weren't terrible! We ran into friends, that I  forgot to take pictures of because I was having too much to fun to stop and pull out my camera, and we ate the best food in the world.

My extremely sweet students made these glorious shirts for themselves with my face on them so that everyone could identify that we were a group. They also made me one...with their faces on it! I know they have to graduate, but I sure am going to miss these guys!
Here's us looking all Choir-y...

Here's the real us!

So there you go, brief, but I feel like I got the job done... stay tuned for a real and more substantial post about needing creativity in my life! See you soon!!!

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