Denim on Denim Time

Apr 30, 2011

Hello Everyone!! I hope you ar all enjoying your Saturday! I certainly am. Nathan took me on a breakfast date! Yay! Being a full time student, those are rare, so I especially loved it! We went to the delta flea market and walked around, we didn't buy anything, but it is definitely fun to look at all the weird stuff. There's a lady that is there every weekend with her dutch bakery treats, they always look so good, but I didn't get any this time. I thought I would hold back for the first time in my life. Then on our way home, Nathan suprised me by taking me to Noah's bagels!!! I love Noahs. We don't have one where we live now, nor do we have a lincoln center where we live, so i was very happy to be there. AND to top it off, we ran into my Uncle Richard! It's always nice to run into family.

Anyways! this is what i decided to wear to day. It's been super duper windy here in the valley, so dresses and skirts are just a bother. If i had long hair, it would be up in a bun. This wind is so crazy, it comes every year, and I never get used to it. This look is kind of tom-boyish, but you can see clearly, that i am not a boy. I really like the denim on denim trend, as long as the denims are different washes. this outfit would be really weird if it was all light denim!! not to mention unflattering.

I decided to take pictures in my parent's backyard,. My dad had just mowed the lawn, so the yard looked extra pretty. Everything is green and blooming right now, how could I not take advantage?

 OH EM GEE... look at my mom's roses. Just feast your eyes on these colors! They're just so pretty, it drives me crazy!
 If I could only learn to love a beast. Isn't this the perfect beauty and the beast rose?
 Chico of course loves to come and help out with the picture. I love my little buddy!
 How the heck did I forget to mention that I went to the Lincoln High School rummage sale?! There really wasn't much there by the time I got there, but there were a pair of shoes that were clearly waiting for me. I found this beautiful little Bruno Magli's for $5! I couldn't believe it. They are so comfy too!
 oh yes, can't forget our shoot supervisor, Chico. This little guys has such a serious face! It's so funny, becuase he's such a funny little guy!
Anyways, Spongebob is on, and since Nathan and I have opted out of having cable or internet in our appartment, I gotta soak in all the Spongebob I can! So I hope you don't get blown away in ths crazy wind, and that you enjoy this beautiful day!! See you soon!

Adventures in Trespassing

Apr 29, 2011

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday right?! I have to say, for being the first week back from spring break,  I was really worried about it being overwhelming and stressful, but it coudln't have been more the opposite! It was such a breeze! I think partly because it was only 4 days long, and partly becasue I had no homework due when I got back. I also got to see my friends again, which is always the best part of anything really. I have to be honest, Im looking forward to summer break, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what the heck I'm going to do with myself! It only takes me about an hour to post a blog entry, I can't just blog away all day... I think I'm gonna have to find a summer job.  so sad.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. I have to say... this is probably my most favorite outfit that I have every worn. This color is the best color of all time. I realize that I'm just a vision of peach, but thats just how I like it: chromatic. No one can say that didn't match today! I also love the beading. I bought this shirt form Freestyle, of course, but it orginally came from Forever 21, I was a little bit shocked, because I feel like it looks legitimately vintage.

 I took these pictures at the house next door to my parent's house. It's been forclosed for the better part of two years. I saw the open gate and thought to myself "this could be fun". It didn't occur to me that it could have been dangerous, or real-estate people could have been walking through. It's pretty apparent that no one's been there in forever, because the grass is so high. But it sure does make for picturesque-ness!

 I don't this my wedding ring and my nail polish could have matched this outfit better. this was not planned.

 This skirt has pockets! It's so great! I found it in the vintage section at Freestyle, it was only $6! I couldn't resist. I needed to have it.
 Of course, my new favorite shoes: the wooden platforms. People, hide your little tosies, if I step on them, it will really hurt, AND I won't even realize that I'm stepping on them, because the platform is so thick.
Well everyone! Thats about it for me! I think I might venture on over to that house tomorrow for some picture taking fun, maybe not. OH! nevermind, I know where I'm gonna go, but you're just gonna have to check in tomorrow to see! Have a suuuuper great friday night everyone! see you soon.

Blinded By The Light

Apr 27, 2011

Hi everyone! We're talking about "hope" in my theology class this morning. I think the Lord is realizing how prone to "post vacation depressiong syndrome" ( I made this mental dissorder up myself), I am, so he made sure that all of my classes start back in a positive way. Just kidding, I'm sure that's not the reason why, but I'm super happy to talk about hope in Christ in class. I think the reason classes might seem bearable after the break, is because...I had a break, now I'm refreshed and ready to go! Finals are in two weeks, we'll see how I feel then.

Anyways, I know this is a fashion/ personal style blog, so lets get to it shall we?

This is what I decided to wear today. SHORTS! NO TIGHTS! I know, I'm not tan. I will never ever be tan. I'm not meant to be a golden goddess... I've been a burner ever since I was a little girl. I tried so hard in high school to get tan, but it was always pointless. Anyways, so here I am with my shorts and super white legs. Thus the title of this blog. ha. At first glance this outfit looks pretty basic, but its actually quite busy. Floral shorts, Striped undertank, Lacey top, denim shirt, there's lot's going on! Also, I love this hat, I feel like Maria VonTrap would wear this. Oh Julie hero.

Today was a light make-up day. Heavy make-up doesn't really match this outfit, so I took it easy, also, I woke up at 5am to do homework before I had to be at school at 8, so I really didn't feel like putting on a full face. Just enough to make me look awake.
 I love the mix of tiny floral and the lace, there's just something really girly about it.
Speaking of waking up at 5am, I had time to make pancakes for breakfast... seriously, how beautiful is this berry pancake? Okay, so maybe not so beautiful, but take headed of this: Target brand pancake mix... super yummy, super cheap. Can't beat that! This pancake was freaking delish.
 I"ve been getting comments left and right about this shoes, and to be honest, I just think they are so boring. It's funny when you wear something you're really excited about (ie. my platform shoes yesterday) and no one comments, and then you wear something you think is pretty run-of-the-mill, and everyone's into it. Weird. alos, don't mind the trash heap towering over our garbage can. It's a tiny trash can, give us a break!
Well everyone, that about it for me today. It's gonna be a great week. But you know me, always working for the weekend. Enjoy your week, I'm defnitely going to embrace being back at school and enjoy being with all my friends once again:) AND, I say this again, go Target and the Original Pancake mix, you won't be dissapointed!

See you soon!

Sir one more comment like that and I will strangle you with my microphone wire!

Apr 26, 2011

Hi Everyone!I've been emotionally preparing for this day for a while, as today is my first day back to school. Whenever I hear the phrase "Back to School", I think of Adam Sandler in Billy Madison, "Back to school! Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool!" thats some good 90's comedy right there folks. Maybe I'll watch that movie tonight with my wubby when he gets home from work. I'm sure he will not protest an Adam Sandler movie. Any man in high school in the 90's loves him. Ask any guys, I'm almost positive that I'm right. But I'll say this for myself, the Wedding Singer is my favorite Adam Sandler movie. It's a category, I checked :)

Anyways! This is what I decided to wear today. I look quite... womanly in this dress I must say, but thats okay, sometimes a little womanliness is good. My friend Donovan, who I have to say is probably one of the best dressed males on Jessup's soil, says that this dress says "You're young and your newly married! Enjoy it!" He's right, I think. Everything about this dress appealed to me when I spotted it at Freestyle. The colors, the print, the length, the sleeves, the 70's-ness of it... just everything. This has quickly become one of my favorite items in my closet. Also, this dress couldn't look better with my wooden platforms. I love this dress. Thats all.

Again, because it was first day back from Spring break, and I had time to get cute, I decided to go for a full face of make-up. I have naturally super pink lips, so I just chapstick everyday. My mom-in-law put this really great strawberry bananna chapstick in my easter-basket (how cute is that, right?!) so that gives me a little but more pink. More pink is always great!
Here's a random fact about me: My toes are abnormally short. Whenever I wear peep-toes, my toes never peep out! Isn't that sad? So it looks like my shoes are too big, but they're not!
Oh platforms. Flat and tall at the same time. Can't beat em.
So that's about it for me for today. kind of a short post, but I got peoples to see, things to do, homework to finish! I have memorize so much music! I can do it. I'm not too worried. Anyways, I better get going before the traffic gets too crazy! I hope your tuesday has gone as well as mine has. Math wasn't has horrendous as I was anticipating, in fact I felt pretty good about it today. I'll do okay until the graphing comes....oh my. Anywhoo, see you soon!!

They All Have Modern Names Like Nick and Mandy

Apr 25, 2011

Hi Everyone!! I'm blogging from Stockton today. Sadly, it is the last day of Spring break. Nathan has to work and he's got tattoos, so I decided to stay home with my mom in Stockton for my last day of freedom. I'm actually looking forward to going back to school because I do miss my friends, but I'm not overly thrilled about going back to the work part of it. ha.

So, today's outfit was put together from very limited recourses. I only had the few things in my suitcase that I didn't wear on my trip, so I had to be very creative. this is what I came up with. I actually don't care too much for these shorts, they're really wide, and unflattering, so I wore the black tights, and threw on my denim coat. I dont know, what do you think? It's not the worst, but it's not the best. You know those days when you just don't care for what you have on? I'm having one of those days. I also have heavier make-up on than usual. I dont know, felt like getting fancy!
I also almost never casually wear heels, but they were the only shoes that I had. You can't go around town barefoot! I love taking pictures in my parent's back yard. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, My mom is a seriously great gardner. Everything she touches turns green and blooms.
These are my choir shoes!!

of course there's chico to help me...

OH YEAH! How could I not share these last two pictrures from The Santa monica Pier?! Another one of those places with street performers and eccentric people every where. it was so beautiful.

Well everyone thats about it. Back to normal life... I'm preparing for the post vacation depression when real-life really sets in... when I get my math test back...ew. ANYWAYS! I hope you all enjoy this off and on weather! It's so weird!

See you soon!

It's Not Over Till It's Over, But When It's Over, It's Over.... And it's not Over!

Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!! What a great holiday this is!! I LOVE easter, it literally gives my life meaning! Jesus' story didn't end on the cross, but He is risen! He is Alive! He is reigning in glory and victory in Heaven AND because of that we can all have hope to also be with Him in Glory. Man... if that doesn't sound like hope to you, then, in all seriousness, nothing does. How could I post anything on Easter Sunday (even if it is 9pm) without mentioning Jesus! He's awesome!

ANYWAYS, This is my last installment of San Diego stuff. Thanks for allowing me to relive my trip by letting me share all my pictures with you! Now trip to San Diego would be complete without a visit to either the San Diego Zoo, OR the Wild Animal Park. I suppose you could opt for both, but it would be very expensive.
This is me right as we got in. I effing LOVE animals, I find them to be soooo amazing. So evident of God's hand on our world. When we were on the tram we saw this cariboo with a "threat mask" meaning the stripes on his face make his antlers look longer and more threatening... that's not an accident my friends... someone designed that. ANYWAYS! here's me being super excited about going into the park. Look how green and lush and all around wonderful!
 Nathan is scoping out our path. See that Yellow ball in the back? Thats the SUN!! just kidding. It's a gian hot air balloon. It looks super fun, but it's a whopping $40 a person, so my family and I just walked, which was amazing.
 Chris is man. And he is single ladies. I got a girl at Jessup in mind for him... You think I'm joking, but I'm not.
 Waiting to get into the Butterful exibit. You know I loved that.
 AND THIS!!! I'm not sure if I have ever shared this on the blog, but I have a deep love in my heart for Spongebob Squarepants, it is my most favoritist show. Though I have made a solemn vow to NEVER wear anything with his face on it ever in public. PJs are one thing... school is another. My love for spongebob stops at my dorm room bedding. Dont judge.
 Oh man, aren't these fun! Look at Nathan's Crazy ol' face!! He's too funny for me. My brother said we was trying to squish his whole face through the face hole!!! I was trying to look sidways at Nathan. I just look like a smiling drunkard with my eyes closed! hahaha.
 The butterfly exhibit was really neat. There were huge butterflies everywhere, and they were landing on people! it was so beautiful! one landed on my cousin's head and her little guy, Anthony, was very excited about it. He's got to be the cutest little guy I've ever seen. He was walking all over the park like he owned the place!
Ahh yes, the tram. Here's a picture of me trying explain how I wanted Nathan to take the picture... If I just smiled like a normal human being, he'd know what to do! I'll never learn.
 Here's me being impressed/suprised.
 Here's a few more pictures of the zoo and a medley of pictures of our whole trip.
I didn't want to leave, I could have stayed... forever! Just kidding, Im glad to be at home. I love it here in Sacramento, but I can definitely hear the beach calling the Parrish's... I'm pretty sure it calls everyone's name. I can't say won't be looking for jobs in the area. Here's the medley of pictures over the whole five days. What a great trip! It was soooo fun, not a hitch the entire time. My parent's actually took us on this trip at no cost to us at all, making them the most generous parents of all time, they certainly didn't have to invite us, but I'm sooooo thankful they did. I think only Nathan and I knew how badly we needed a break. It was perfect.
Well everyone, thats about it for me. I hope you had a great Easter Sunday however you celebrated. I love Easter, because Jesus truly does conquer all! NOTHING can stop Him. He is love, and He is our hope, and perhaps the most exciting thing of all, He is coming back! He is Risen my friends, He is risen indeed.

See you soon :)

You were my new dream

Apr 23, 2011

Good morning everyone!! I'm blogging to you this morning from the place known as starbucks. big surprise. Anyways!! I hope you are ready for my next installment of San Diego Happy fun Times.

These are pictures of Old Town. It's the coolest place! It's literally all of the old historic houses that were built in San Diego ages ago, and they were moved to create this little town! It was so fun! Unfortunately they were renovating the houses, so we couldn't go inside, but the outsides were so beautiful, that it was still fun.

Look at this crazy tree, I wish the flowers had come out better, the flowers in this tree were super big and rust colored, there were so beautiful! But still, doens't this tree remind you of Bridge to Teribithia? What a great kid's book. Am I right or am I right. ALSO SPEAKING OF CHILDREN'S THINGS: I know I'm kinda late to the party on this, Nathan and I rented Tangled from the Red Box... I loved it!! It maked me want to go to Disneyland sooooo bad! Seriously, disney lovers of this world, this is definitely in my top 5 fave Disney movies...

 This was the carriag at the Mormon Batallion memorial. This was a cool thing. It was this cool tour thing where they showed you how the mormons got to San Diego. I couldn't help but feel like they left out some of the details, like how you do you get from Kansas/Missouri to CA in 1863 without encountering one Native American Indian, amound other questions I had...

 You may be wondering who this precious little one-toothed lady is. This is my cousin's little girl. We're pretty much best friends, I absolutely adore her. She's got more energy than probably any person I have ever met. We had so much fun running around the town. She's a great tour guide. She always wants ice cream... can't argue with that!
 Ahhh yes, the little shops in Old Town were also awesome. It was this great Mexican stuff! For those of you know me beyond this blog know my obsession with Mexico, it has to do with this Ranch, but I also love Mexican stuff, because it's soooo colorful and expressive! I just love it! Oh yeah, here's me as Nacho Libre. Another one of my favorite movies.
 There was this cool guy! Doesn't he kind of look like a part of the painting? Crazy.
 We ate at this suuuuper great place called "The Green Flash". Look at this location! It was seriously the perfect day. I couldn't help but repeat "This is the best" over and over. My uncle Wayne agreed every single time. He was our real tour guide, telling us all about this great little local joints. Oh man... it was sooooo great!
 the beach!!
 Nathan was so tired of the picture taking. But thats part of going on Vacation!!! the Pictures!!! Get with it!
Well thats about it for me today. Tomorrow will more than likely be my last San Diego Post. I got some great feedback from my post yesterday about Jesus talking about "life abundant" if you have something to say about it, I'd love to hear it!! It's not too late:)

See you soon!!
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