All I Ever Wanted Seems To Be Right... In San Diego

Apr 21, 2011

So everyone, I am back. Against my will, I have come back from San Diego. If you have ever been there, you will know my obession with this beautiful city. The Weather was out of this world, Not hot, not cold, just sunny and beautiful and perfect! the Trip was soooo wonderful. Here are a few pictures for you indugle in. I decided that, while I really did want to look at cute as I possibly could, I decided that I was going to concentrate mostly on having a super great time with my family, that I dont get to see very often.

This is what I decided to wear on our first day out and about. This fine fellow is a King Waffle of the Waffle Spot the precious waffle joint that was attached to our hotel. Want some '70's wonderment in your life? Stay at the Kings Inn on Hotel Circle. It was awesome.
 The Freestyle gods (litte "g" to be sure) have finally smiled on me. I say that like they never have before, but they do... only every single time I go in there. Anyways, these wooden platforms have been my hearts number one desire for spring fashion for a while now. So, I was very happy with my luck when they happened to be in the store. They are great shoes for sitting in the Waffle Spot, not so much for walking around the San Diego Zoo.
 This strapping young lad is my younger brother Chris! Isn't he handsome. He's goin to school down in SD to make Video games!! He had the oppertunity to show one of his creations to SONY today! I can't wait to hear what they said. They probably loved it. Chris is suuuuuuper good at pretty much anything computers/art.
 Here are some street performers at Sea Port Village. I'm pretty sure this guy was probably one of the obnoxious children in his elementary school class... he was super funny.
 Then there was this freaky girl.
 And this cool guy!!! He had a cool wife too, but she was somewhere else!! I couldn't stop staring at this crrrrrazy bike! It's so cool... and kind of beautiful in a way!
ANNNNDDD here are a few cool-guy pics, because no post about a vacation could possibly be complete without them.
Well everyone, this is it for the first installment of pictures from our trip. While I did have an absolute blast in San Diego, I really did miss being able to blog it up. Our hotel had terrible internet. I tried to post, and it literally took hours and hours to upload pictures. So, i wasn't able to post. ANYWAYS!! I hope your all enjoying this spring break, or that you thouroughly enjoyed it when you had it!! Stay tuned for more more more!!! See you soon!!

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  1. You're so beautiful. I love the photos. Looks like you are having the time of your life. So sweet.

    Come visit me
    Karoline Kalvo


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