Blinded By The Light

Apr 27, 2011

Hi everyone! We're talking about "hope" in my theology class this morning. I think the Lord is realizing how prone to "post vacation depressiong syndrome" ( I made this mental dissorder up myself), I am, so he made sure that all of my classes start back in a positive way. Just kidding, I'm sure that's not the reason why, but I'm super happy to talk about hope in Christ in class. I think the reason classes might seem bearable after the break, is because...I had a break, now I'm refreshed and ready to go! Finals are in two weeks, we'll see how I feel then.

Anyways, I know this is a fashion/ personal style blog, so lets get to it shall we?

This is what I decided to wear today. SHORTS! NO TIGHTS! I know, I'm not tan. I will never ever be tan. I'm not meant to be a golden goddess... I've been a burner ever since I was a little girl. I tried so hard in high school to get tan, but it was always pointless. Anyways, so here I am with my shorts and super white legs. Thus the title of this blog. ha. At first glance this outfit looks pretty basic, but its actually quite busy. Floral shorts, Striped undertank, Lacey top, denim shirt, there's lot's going on! Also, I love this hat, I feel like Maria VonTrap would wear this. Oh Julie hero.

Today was a light make-up day. Heavy make-up doesn't really match this outfit, so I took it easy, also, I woke up at 5am to do homework before I had to be at school at 8, so I really didn't feel like putting on a full face. Just enough to make me look awake.
 I love the mix of tiny floral and the lace, there's just something really girly about it.
Speaking of waking up at 5am, I had time to make pancakes for breakfast... seriously, how beautiful is this berry pancake? Okay, so maybe not so beautiful, but take headed of this: Target brand pancake mix... super yummy, super cheap. Can't beat that! This pancake was freaking delish.
 I"ve been getting comments left and right about this shoes, and to be honest, I just think they are so boring. It's funny when you wear something you're really excited about (ie. my platform shoes yesterday) and no one comments, and then you wear something you think is pretty run-of-the-mill, and everyone's into it. Weird. alos, don't mind the trash heap towering over our garbage can. It's a tiny trash can, give us a break!
Well everyone, that about it for me today. It's gonna be a great week. But you know me, always working for the weekend. Enjoy your week, I'm defnitely going to embrace being back at school and enjoy being with all my friends once again:) AND, I say this again, go Target and the Original Pancake mix, you won't be dissapointed!

See you soon!


  1. Waaaaiiitt! I forgot to comment, but I was really excited about your shoes from yesterday's post :) and I don't think those flats are boring. They're simple and classy. It's nice to have shoes that go with anything.

  2. like your short ! nice outfit anyway


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