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Apr 4, 2011

Good morning everyone! I'm once again being an awful person and blogging during class. Was your weekend good? Mine was. It wasn't really that exciting, I did a lot of homework, and I just slep a lot, which is great, because I hardly slept at all over the past two weeks. I really needed the rest.

I did however sell at Freestyle, and that was fun. I didn't make a killing, but I didn't bring in a lot. I bought a few new things, and like always, I love chatting with the adorable girls that work there (not to mention the attractive man-help). We also took a friend of ours form out of town to The Squeeze Inn. Have you ever been there? They were featured on 'Diners Drive-ins and Dives"! Isn't that crazy?! It's no wonder really, their food is delish. It's fun to have a place thats the super great, thats specific to the Sacramento area. Also a fun fact: I went to Prom and Winter Formal with the Owner's son in High School, Good ol' Jim Elliot!! I should find the pictures from that and put them on here. Good times.

This is what I decided to wear today. I have an audition today for a singing group at Jessup that has a choreography section, so I couldn't wear a long flowy dress with cute little sandals. That would be all bad. So this outfit is a little bit different than what I'm used to wearing. AND while I'm used to wearing skinny jeans/jeggings, I'm not really used to wearing tops that aren't super long, or wearing a sweater thats super long. So, as you might notice, I'm pretty....womanly! hahaha!! So in short, this outfit makes me a slightly self conscious!

 How cute/sweet/fun is this little ring?! It's a little cat! Now, I'm not a cat person by any stretch, I only like one cat, and that's my Aunt Anita's Cat Yoda, who I will feature on this blog one day because he's a wonder of this world, BUT, this ring is so cute. It was only $5!! and I'm sure its no suprise that I found it at Freeestyle.
 Here's a tiny little glimpse into the course of my weekend. Homework, Squeeze Inn, and other weird findings!!
Well everyone thats about it for me. Look at those burgers! That yellow around the burger is the cheese! I can't eat it all, it's wayyyy to much for me, but wow, are those burgers yummy. It's hard to say which I like Better, In n Out, Five Guys, or Squeeze Inn.... In n Out definitely comes in 3rd... Anyways, if you live in the Sacramento and you're not vegan/vegetarian, like a LOT of my friends here at school, check out the squeeze inn, it's soooo good. Also, if you think about, wish me luck with my audition later this afternoon, Auditions always make me soooo nervous!!! See you soon!


  1. Hello fellow Sacramento-ite. I am so glad you found me on IFB!

  2. Cheese skirt! Oh, and your outfit ain't bad either!

  3. ahem....
    Yoda is the only cat you like....? :)
    Work that outfit guuuuurl! You look lovely!


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