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Apr 5, 2011

Hello everyone!! Did you have a great day? I kind of did. Choir went great... my math class...not so much. I don't know how the heck I'm going to learn how to graph polynomial equations, but Im not really super worried about it.

Today was the TOMS No Shoes Day. So...I didn't wear shoes to school today. It was a really interesting thing. Not wearing shoes in public made me super uncomfortable, not only is walking on concrete all day not comfy on my feet, but every time I wanted to go somewhere, I looked for my shoes to put them on, like a nervous reaction or something. HOWEVER, this day served it's purpose in that, as I was about to complain about how dirty or painful my feet were, I instantly thought of children who go every single day without shoes, and have much more difficult lives than me. So it was a very reflective day.

This is what I decided to wear today. Not super exciting. Just a maxie dress with a jean jacket. it was comfy and cool, and it worked for not having shoes.

Look at how short my little tosies are!! Aren't they weird!?
So how cool is this: as I was walking through campus, I stumbled upon a PIANO BATTLE! I wish I had video of these insanely talented women. It was A-MAY-Zing. WJU has super talented musicians, it's just awesome. This was to promote our Night Of Classics event coming up next week. It's gonna be very special.
 I think the precurssor to being a super great piano player is having super beautiful hair. Not to mention they are both super great women of influence, who both have a passion for serving the Lord. Seriously, I can't talk up the quality of WJU music students enough. Namely these two girls. Gabri and Sara... real quality.
I always look on sarah's hair with jealousy. What a beauty. Not mention the color of that top. Perfection.
Here are some more ladies with no shoes on!!
 Thats about it for me today. I have to continue working on my paper. I've been distracted long enough. After tomorrow, all my trials will be over. not. See you soon!!

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  1. YAY for bare feet. i was one of only TWO people who did it at my school :( glad to see people were doin it elsewhere!!!


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