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Apr 23, 2011

Good morning everyone!! I'm blogging to you this morning from the place known as starbucks. big surprise. Anyways!! I hope you are ready for my next installment of San Diego Happy fun Times.

These are pictures of Old Town. It's the coolest place! It's literally all of the old historic houses that were built in San Diego ages ago, and they were moved to create this little town! It was so fun! Unfortunately they were renovating the houses, so we couldn't go inside, but the outsides were so beautiful, that it was still fun.

Look at this crazy tree, I wish the flowers had come out better, the flowers in this tree were super big and rust colored, there were so beautiful! But still, doens't this tree remind you of Bridge to Teribithia? What a great kid's book. Am I right or am I right. ALSO SPEAKING OF CHILDREN'S THINGS: I know I'm kinda late to the party on this, Nathan and I rented Tangled from the Red Box... I loved it!! It maked me want to go to Disneyland sooooo bad! Seriously, disney lovers of this world, this is definitely in my top 5 fave Disney movies...

 This was the carriag at the Mormon Batallion memorial. This was a cool thing. It was this cool tour thing where they showed you how the mormons got to San Diego. I couldn't help but feel like they left out some of the details, like how you do you get from Kansas/Missouri to CA in 1863 without encountering one Native American Indian, amound other questions I had...

 You may be wondering who this precious little one-toothed lady is. This is my cousin's little girl. We're pretty much best friends, I absolutely adore her. She's got more energy than probably any person I have ever met. We had so much fun running around the town. She's a great tour guide. She always wants ice cream... can't argue with that!
 Ahhh yes, the little shops in Old Town were also awesome. It was this great Mexican stuff! For those of you know me beyond this blog know my obsession with Mexico, it has to do with this Ranch, but I also love Mexican stuff, because it's soooo colorful and expressive! I just love it! Oh yeah, here's me as Nacho Libre. Another one of my favorite movies.
 There was this cool guy! Doesn't he kind of look like a part of the painting? Crazy.
 We ate at this suuuuper great place called "The Green Flash". Look at this location! It was seriously the perfect day. I couldn't help but repeat "This is the best" over and over. My uncle Wayne agreed every single time. He was our real tour guide, telling us all about this great little local joints. Oh man... it was sooooo great!
 the beach!!
 Nathan was so tired of the picture taking. But thats part of going on Vacation!!! the Pictures!!! Get with it!
Well thats about it for me today. Tomorrow will more than likely be my last San Diego Post. I got some great feedback from my post yesterday about Jesus talking about "life abundant" if you have something to say about it, I'd love to hear it!! It's not too late:)

See you soon!!


  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of ...pretty random... fun :) I love the picture of you guys at the restaurant by the water! amazing! see you soon!!! --brittany

  2. We were in San Diego at the same time! guess it's the cool place for Jessup kids to hang out on spring break. That Ranch that you mentioned was the same one that Alyssa and I would go to every year with our church for spring break. I have a family friend that works down there too, it's an amazing place and it's always so neat to see what God is doing down there for those kids. Awesome blog


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