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Apr 1, 2011

Hi Everyone!! What a BEEAUTIFUL day it is today! I absolutely love it! This day is turning out to totally rock. I nailed my freaking ear training mid-term. The bulk of my crazy homework load is done and turned in. I feel like I've had a million lb. weight taken off of my shoulders, making this day even more beautiful!

Anyways, who's ready for the weekend? I am so ready to sleep in, I'm ready to work on something other than ear training homework, I'm ready to watch the Office on DVD with husband and talk about our day instead of asking him to watch it in our room so I can do homework, AND most of all, Im ready to not feel like a CRAZY PERSON! All I can say is, I've made it, It's all downhill from here. Even finals seem like a breeze compared to the insane workload I have just endured.

This is what I decided to wear today. It's literally 83 degrees outside right now, and i'm sooooo happy to be wearing a dress. I love love love dresses! Especially this dress. This might be my favorite thing in my closet right now. This vintage dress that has poppies all over it! The California poppy is the state's official flower, so in honor of my love for California, and it's beautiful weather, I give you this dress! It did originally have elastic sleeves, making them really poofy and a little bit over-whelming, but I just cut a little slit in the back and they now full beautiful bell sleeves. I'm glad I have it a shot. I know this dress is quite the statement peice, but you know, I love it, and I'll probably wear it again soon!

I had to email my homewor to my teacher this morning, but song "Take on Me" by Aha came I just did all my work in my car. Thats like one of my favorite songs of all time. It's got probably one of the best intros I've ever heard. Man, 80's at it's finest.
Also, last night, as I might have mentioned, Nathan and I drove to Elk Grove to have Thai Food with my parents and my brother who is home for spring Break from San diego. He's going to art school down there. It's crazy what people do with computers these days, I know that made me sound really old like 100, but I'm serious! My brother is quite the artist. This is the Thai Tea that I ordered. It was delish!

Ahh yes, this is what kept me awake all night as I droned away in my ear training. Do you know how hard it is to  force yourself to stay up when your beautiful husband is sleeping away?!! HOWEVER, I feel like the Lord rewarded our class for all of our super duper hard work, because our teacher, who is brillian/crazy and slightly relentless, allowed us to have class outside on the patio at Peets!! It was by far the best day of Ear Training ever, Even if we did discuss Italian, German, and French Augmented 6ths. You know, just your average every day Music theory discussion. So... Dr Keller, after all of our complaining and whining, and for your patience with such behavior, THANK YOU!! Not to mention, that ear training pays off immediately, I'm a much better musician for having taken it, and I think my experience at WJU would be lacking if I never took a class from the legend that is now Derek Lee Keller!

Anyways, thats it for me today. What a week! The Lord has really shown me what truly relying on him for strength actually looks like. I never could have made it through with week without Him working in my life. He is so strong! He is so good. He totally brought me through. Try to relax a little bit this weekend, and spend time with people that you love, I know I will, now that I'm not going insane:) See you soon!

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