Denim on Denim Time

Apr 30, 2011

Hello Everyone!! I hope you ar all enjoying your Saturday! I certainly am. Nathan took me on a breakfast date! Yay! Being a full time student, those are rare, so I especially loved it! We went to the delta flea market and walked around, we didn't buy anything, but it is definitely fun to look at all the weird stuff. There's a lady that is there every weekend with her dutch bakery treats, they always look so good, but I didn't get any this time. I thought I would hold back for the first time in my life. Then on our way home, Nathan suprised me by taking me to Noah's bagels!!! I love Noahs. We don't have one where we live now, nor do we have a lincoln center where we live, so i was very happy to be there. AND to top it off, we ran into my Uncle Richard! It's always nice to run into family.

Anyways! this is what i decided to wear to day. It's been super duper windy here in the valley, so dresses and skirts are just a bother. If i had long hair, it would be up in a bun. This wind is so crazy, it comes every year, and I never get used to it. This look is kind of tom-boyish, but you can see clearly, that i am not a boy. I really like the denim on denim trend, as long as the denims are different washes. this outfit would be really weird if it was all light denim!! not to mention unflattering.

I decided to take pictures in my parent's backyard,. My dad had just mowed the lawn, so the yard looked extra pretty. Everything is green and blooming right now, how could I not take advantage?

 OH EM GEE... look at my mom's roses. Just feast your eyes on these colors! They're just so pretty, it drives me crazy!
 If I could only learn to love a beast. Isn't this the perfect beauty and the beast rose?
 Chico of course loves to come and help out with the picture. I love my little buddy!
 How the heck did I forget to mention that I went to the Lincoln High School rummage sale?! There really wasn't much there by the time I got there, but there were a pair of shoes that were clearly waiting for me. I found this beautiful little Bruno Magli's for $5! I couldn't believe it. They are so comfy too!
 oh yes, can't forget our shoot supervisor, Chico. This little guys has such a serious face! It's so funny, becuase he's such a funny little guy!
Anyways, Spongebob is on, and since Nathan and I have opted out of having cable or internet in our appartment, I gotta soak in all the Spongebob I can! So I hope you don't get blown away in ths crazy wind, and that you enjoy this beautiful day!! See you soon!


  1. Adorable outfit! I love your shoes especially!!

  2. too cute! you pull off denim so well. and those shoes are amaaaazing. great find.

    and yay for breakfast dates & flea markets :) sounds like a perfect day.

  3. Yes. That rose truly is a "Beauty and the Beast" rose.

  4. You look so sweet with that flower in your hair, and your shoes are awesome!

    Chico is such a cutie. :)

    The Cat Hag


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