I'll Meet You In The Air

Jun 21, 2011

Hi everyone. Today I have sad news. Last night at around 8:15, Nathan's dad passed away. These pictures are from our wedding in November 09. I think these pictures speak to Bill's and Nathan's relationship much better than I could. I can see all of Bill's great qualities in Nathan, and for that I am forever thankful. He was literally tough 'til the very end. However, we can be sure that we'll see him again in Heaven and he is there with the Lord, and it's in that hope, that we will be celebrating his life, and grieving our loss, not his. His life forever with Jesus is just now beginning.

So, Thats all for me today. Your thoughts and prayers are felt and appreciated as our family is going a very difficult time of transition. I may or may not see you soon.

A bank robber's not gonna know what a hydrangea bush is

Jun 20, 2011

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was great, mine was for sure. I hope you all honored your dad’s appropriately!! Ha. I got my dad some barista stuff from Starbucks, because you know, he’s a barista, and now when I come over, he can make me all sorts of yummy drinks!! HaHa, But seriously, I my dad is a great barista at home, and I was happy to help him add to his collection of delectable delights. My dad is seriously the best. Nathan and I saw the movie, The Green Lantern (another super-hero movie, of course), and it was alright, I liked Super 8 better. There were no ingeniously creative children saving the day in this movie… I mean Ryan Reynolds is cute enough, but he’s no Wubby.

Anyways! This is what I decided to wear today. I’ve had this awesome vintage halter dress for two years, and I have no plans of ever getting rid of it. I’ve mentioned before my love for prints, and the print of this dress is no exception. The white hydrangeas are just too much. I had white and green hydrangea’s in my wedding bouquet, they’re my favorite-ist flowers.

This is my mother-in-law’s gorgeous home. Everything about it is something I love. It was built in the 1920’s and has had quite a bit of renovation, so the house is literally a rock. I honestly think that if an earthquake hit, the houses on this street would be totally safe.

 It’s pretty evident by these pictures that Nathan’s mom, Debbie, loves this home. She is the one responsible for it’s beauty. Not to mention Nathan’s dad’s impeccable gardening skills. I would sit on this back porch all day with a glass of lemonade if I could. They only bummer is, where there are beautiful flowers, there are tons of bees!! While I was out here I had to really be careful, especially with a floral dress on! Good grief!

Well you guys, that’s about it for me today. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I hope that the rest of your week is just as wonderful! I’m gonna get back to watching Hoarders…See you soonJ

It's Time For Some Blog Featuring Fun Times: SACRAMENTO BLOGGERS!!!

Jun 18, 2011

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day, as it is not even 12 yet. My family is in Yosemite today, and I am here in Stockton. You might think that I am dismayed by this, but I am not, as I will be taking a day trip of my own coming up very shortly. Nathan was thinking Berkeley, but I gotta admit, I'm hoping for Santa Cruz. Will I argue about either one? No way! Both are totally great. But I reeeeeaaaallllly am craving an hour or two of laying on the beach, and a bread bowl with clam chowder. And maybe a vintage shop or two (hundred). What a hard life, right?
ANYWAYS!!! I spend a lot of time not only on my own blog thinking of outfits, and thinking of witty titles. However, I spend just as much time looking for and fawning over other people's blogs (where do you think all my inspiration comes from?). There are soooo many beautiful blogs out there, and some of them are actually right here in the Sacramento Area!! I've never read on Yahoo news about Sacramento being a fashion epicentre, but let me tell/show you that with these lovely ladies, we Sacramento women on our way. We are on, our, way. So let me show you 5 of the top Sacramento Blogs that I've found:)

First of 5: Let it Reign
Skylar Mundy is probably one the cutest people I've seen this internet machine. She often writes on the Jupiper James blog, but her own personal blog is pretty great.

Second: Liz Franco's blog, Srslyliz. This is a blog that I frequent often. Her look is so wearable, and approachable while being really cool and vintage-y, not to mention that she's super beautiful.

This Third I've decided to featurs actually belongs to my WJU alumni buddy, Elizabeth Matchel. Her blog, Yelizabeta, is so beautiful. It's got fashion, but also real-life stuff about all the fun adventures she and her husband go on. Her blog is a super great read, and her vintage store on etsy is super great also.

This next blog is living proof that once you have kids, your life only gets cuter! Ha. Olga from Whitecrow really lets you into her family's life with all of her super cute pictures, and not to mention her super great style. She even has an etsy store so you can look as cute as her.

And Lastly, but definitely not least. If you have tumblr and your not following Lydia's blog Morus Albus you are seriously missing out. This lovely little woman is one of my favorite employees (who am I kidding, every girl at Freestyle is my most favorite. I would consider them all real-life actual friends) at my most favorite-ist store of all time. Her look is so fun, and is even cuter in real life. All the girls at Freestyle should have their own blogs, they are all so fashionable. And seriously, I've never seen a more beautiful head of hair.

SO!!! All you wonderful blog readers, if you haven't already made your way towards these great blogs, you now have no excuse as all of these have links, making it super duper easy for you to find and follow. I hope you're as inspired by these fantastic Sacramento women as I am!!

Thats about it today for me. Maybe an outfit post later, but don't bank on it. I left my Tripod back up at our apartment. Shucks, so today was a great day for a blog feature. Anways, enjoy this beautiful weekend!! I'll see you soon!

Pretend that you are holding a beautiful fragrant bouquet

Jun 17, 2011

Hi everyone!! I hope you're all having a great day! I definitely am. The weather is absuolutely perfect for a day at the farmer's market, which is exactly what I did. I took myself to the farmer's market in Roseville, and bought a ton of fruit for only $3.50! Okay, so I only bought enough for myself, because I'll eat it as a snack, while my husband won't. But seriously, mangoes, peaches, and apricots all for 3.50. Go me.

Anyways, my brother's going to be in town for the next week, which I am really excited about. Chris lives in San Diego (sooo jealous), so we don't see him nearly as often as we see my other brother, Matt. Even though San Diego is technically only 2 hours away from L.A (where my other brother lives), the drive usually much longer than that, making it really un-fun to drive.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. This is my strolling-around-Denio's-market outfit. It's very appropriate for the ocassion I feel. I really love the sleeves of this top, they are so frilly and flowy. AND I love the stripes of the top and the floral shorts together. I am a sucker for mixed prints. I really am.
 I have a confession to make about these shorts, and I'm kind of sorry to admit it,  but... they are BRAND NEW!!! School Year's Resolution is over everyone, so I'm not breaking any rules! But to console everyone, Express was having a massive sale, and these shorts were super cheap. AND if you remember me saying, I'm in desperate need of shorts as I only have one pair.

 My new years resolution however is really coming together. My hair is getting long enough so that I don't have to pin all my hair up when I put it in a pony tail! I only have a hair tie in! yay!
 You know these have to be shorts, because I would never wear a skirt that short. Not because there's anything wrong with wearing shorts skirts, but because they are so impractical! There's absolutely no running after children at the playground in mini-skirts, but with these, I could run all day!

I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much my husband loves loves loves comic books and superheros, mostly Marvel comics, but last night he got his new Wolverine toy in the mail. These pictures were not staged my friends. This is my manly man of a husband playing with his action figures. There was also a good dose of hardcore music in the background.

Okay, so maybe that last photo is staged...
Well everyone thats about it for me today. My parents are coming up this afternoon, and we're gonna go have Thai Food after Nathan gets off of work! I'm so excited! It's gonna be so fun! ALSO it's FRIDAY!!!! so you know what that means! The Weekend, and my new favorite show, My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding. Hooray! I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will. See you soon!

Super 8 Super Date

Jun 16, 2011

Good morning everyone! What a seriously beautiful day. I have nothing planned, and nothing to do, and I am looking very forward to sitting by the pool at our apartment and soaking up the sun, and reading.

Last night Nathan and I saw Super 8. Have any of you seen it? It's pretty cool. I never see chick flicks in the theatre anymore now that I'm married. It's all teh smae to me really, I don't really care for chick flicks, except for you know, the really good ones, like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, pretty much any Jane Austen book made into a movie, or just about any musical (for the record, I liked the first Producers with Gene Wilder better than the second). Not to knock Matthew Broderick, he was great in the movie version of The Music Man. ANYWAYS!!! Nathan took me on a date to a non-chick-flick last night, which I enjoyed. If you're going to see it, just know, it's the kids that make the movie. They are hilarious, and great little actors (not like the kind you see on TV).

This is what I wore on our date. It's very ballerina. But I love this color palette. The light blush pink, with cream, and dark brown. I think the brown holds it all together. Don't you?

I literally own one single belt. I force it to go with every outfit that I need a belt for. Luckily it's a neutral, and its one of those kind that doesn't have any holes, so I can make it into any size I need, which is very important since my waist and my hips vary significantly in size.

I've been pretty adventerous these days as far as my hair is concerned. I'm starting to get really tired of this weird grown up pre-haircut Justin Beiber bob. But as it is... solidarity! I will grow out this hair! I made this little headband that I have on. It's just a chain crochet stitch. I think it goes well with what I've got going on.

This little owl necklace is the perfect balance between dressy and fun.

Ballet moves.

Well you guys thats about it for me today. I hope you are able to get poolside soon. Don't forget sunscreen. You can still get tan if you put sunscreen on. So don't believe anyone that says other wise. Also, if you spray chamomile tea in your hair, it works with the sun to bring out your natural highlights. It's much better for your hair than Sun-In...which I may still invest in. Anyways... See you soon!

Warning for people with an overbite: When you kiss, you sometimes knock your teeth together

Jun 15, 2011

Hello all of you beautious people of the blogger world. The title of this blog comes frrom girls night over at Brandi Ruscica's house (my piano teacher from WJU...another plug for WJU: at a state school you would NEVER go to your professor's house to watch the Bachelorette with all your other music major friends). Our once negative feelings for Ames (otherwise known as "smallface" by my ingenious husband) were changed, but we couldn't get past those teeth, and my dearest of dear friends Rachel Jackson, made the comment which is now the title of this blog. Good times watching the Bachelorette. Good greif. How annoyed do I get by the show, but I must continue to watch. I'm too far in. I'm a lost cause now. Don't judge me! It's summer vacation, I do what I want!

In other much more important news summer is here. When I say summer is here, I mean it was over 100 degrees here, and I was wearing skinny jeans while nannying. What was I thinking? It's officially time to invest in some shorts.

This is what I decided to wear today: This dress shows quite a bit more skin than I normally show, but it's so hot, anything else, and I'll die of heat-stroke!
 I am a huge sucker for print and color. I feel like it just makes putting an outfit together so easy, because you really dont have to add much to make it exciting. Doesn't this print just make you want to lay out in the sun by the pool with a nice cold lemonade?

 I really love the exposed zipper in the back, it kind of gives something a little bit unexpected. I'd like it better if it were peachy or green.

 AHH!!! This is my most favoritist pair of shoes right here. Let it be known. I love love love these shoes. I dont go crazy over shoes so much (though I do have a strange affinity for just about every boot on this planet), but I couldn't live without these. The lovely ladies at Freestyle held these for me, it almost didn't matter what the price would have been, I would have bought them.
 seriously. just look at the print of these beautious platform wedges. Thank you Lord for the summertime and for wedge weather.
Well you guys, thats about it for me today. I'm already looking forward to Friday night at 10pm so can catch up on some crazy Gyspy Weddings, my other favorite show/ guilty pleasure for the summer. I hope you all are able to take advantage of this heat and jump in or lay by a nice cold pool, becuase that's what I'll be trying to manage. See you soon!!

Oh, Mickey! When I hear you play that harmonica, my heart sings!

Jun 10, 2011

Good morning, and happy Friday everyone!! I hope your day is going great thus far. Mine totally is. In fact in an effort to be more active this summer, I walked to Starbucks with my computer. Hoping to soak in a few rays without being sunburned. I hope you have fun plans for this glorious weather, I don’t really, but I do have an itch to go to the flea market tomorrow, so I’ll probably plan on that, and probably a thrifting adventure with my mom. If you’ve been following this blog long, you’ve probably figured that we’re going to Stockton this weekend… we are. Nathan always has tattoo appointments. I’m so proud of my Wubby, he’s probably the most talented guy I know. He's musical, he's artistic, he's funny, he's super hot, he loves the Lord, what more could a girl want. Thanks Lord :)

Anyways!! This is what I decided to wear today. You know… as boring as it may seem with just the top and the skirt, this outfit is so comfy and fun. I love the simplicity of it, put together, but still kinda fun with the polka-dots. There’s something about this little skirt that I absolutely love: between the swingy 90’s material, and the Minnie Mouseness of it, I can’t really get enough.

This woven tank top was a thrift store find. It’s crispness makes it really summery and versatile. I’m excited to put this with… pretty much every other skirt I own J . You might also be able to see that my upper body is slightly redder than normal… that would be due to the fact that I forgot to reapply the sunscreen on Wednesday. Won’t be doing that anytime soon.

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to lately... I’ve spent a lot of time working on my French braiding skills, and since Nathan’s hair is much longer than mine, I live vicariously through him.
That’s about it for me today. Enjoy your Friday afternoon, and enjoy your weekend even more. Make sure to wear sunscreen!! See you soon!!

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