They All Jumped Over The Fence

Jun 2, 2011

Hello everyone!! Todays weather could not be more different than yesterday's. In fact its warm enough for me to sit outside at Starbucks and post this entry! Crazy!

Anyways, today has been kind of weird. As I was taking pictures behind my apartment, like... 7 teenage boys jumped over the fence and started running! I'll bet they were just as shocked to see me. I mean, who takes pictures of themselves all alone for their blog? Pretty weird thing to come upon. HOWEVER, I dont think it's as weird as me hearing one boy saying "I have a knife in my pocket, so it's all good". Needless to say, I went inside and locked the door. Weird story right?!

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today, in honor of this gloriouly sunny, and June apropriate weather:
How fun is this dress? I found it at Freestyle of course, they have such great vintage. I was a little bit unsure when I took it off the rack, I mean, look at it! It's full on Hawaiian print from Hawaii!! I think if I lived in a more fashionable eclectic place I wouldn't be quite as self concsious, say like, San Francisco, or LA, or even San Diego (I dream), but as it is, I live in the suburbs of Sacramento. So they shall just have to put up with me:)

Remember how I was commenting on the weather in yesterday's post? Well, here are some pictures from yesterday, as the weather just went from bad to... crazy! There was lightening and thunder and hail!! I know that is seriously nothing compared the mid-west, but here CA, we don't get that kind of stuff.

This is my car, covered in hail! It looked like snow! I decided that after my shopping excursion I would take it easy at Panera until the weather calmed down. wow...

Well everyone thats about it for me today. I hope you all find something fun to do while the weather is nice!! See you soon!!

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