Oh, Mickey! When I hear you play that harmonica, my heart sings!

Jun 10, 2011

Good morning, and happy Friday everyone!! I hope your day is going great thus far. Mine totally is. In fact in an effort to be more active this summer, I walked to Starbucks with my computer. Hoping to soak in a few rays without being sunburned. I hope you have fun plans for this glorious weather, I don’t really, but I do have an itch to go to the flea market tomorrow, so I’ll probably plan on that, and probably a thrifting adventure with my mom. If you’ve been following this blog long, you’ve probably figured that we’re going to Stockton this weekend… we are. Nathan always has tattoo appointments. I’m so proud of my Wubby, he’s probably the most talented guy I know. He's musical, he's artistic, he's funny, he's super hot, he loves the Lord, what more could a girl want. Thanks Lord :)

Anyways!! This is what I decided to wear today. You know… as boring as it may seem with just the top and the skirt, this outfit is so comfy and fun. I love the simplicity of it, put together, but still kinda fun with the polka-dots. There’s something about this little skirt that I absolutely love: between the swingy 90’s material, and the Minnie Mouseness of it, I can’t really get enough.

This woven tank top was a thrift store find. It’s crispness makes it really summery and versatile. I’m excited to put this with… pretty much every other skirt I own J . You might also be able to see that my upper body is slightly redder than normal… that would be due to the fact that I forgot to reapply the sunscreen on Wednesday. Won’t be doing that anytime soon.

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to lately... I’ve spent a lot of time working on my French braiding skills, and since Nathan’s hair is much longer than mine, I live vicariously through him.
That’s about it for me today. Enjoy your Friday afternoon, and enjoy your weekend even more. Make sure to wear sunscreen!! See you soon!!


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