Warning for people with an overbite: When you kiss, you sometimes knock your teeth together

Jun 15, 2011

Hello all of you beautious people of the blogger world. The title of this blog comes frrom girls night over at Brandi Ruscica's house (my piano teacher from WJU...another plug for WJU: at a state school you would NEVER go to your professor's house to watch the Bachelorette with all your other music major friends). Our once negative feelings for Ames (otherwise known as "smallface" by my ingenious husband) were changed, but we couldn't get past those teeth, and my dearest of dear friends Rachel Jackson, made the comment which is now the title of this blog. Good times watching the Bachelorette. Good greif. How annoyed do I get by the show, but I must continue to watch. I'm too far in. I'm a lost cause now. Don't judge me! It's summer vacation, I do what I want!

In other much more important news summer is here. When I say summer is here, I mean it was over 100 degrees here, and I was wearing skinny jeans while nannying. What was I thinking? It's officially time to invest in some shorts.

This is what I decided to wear today: This dress shows quite a bit more skin than I normally show, but it's so hot, anything else, and I'll die of heat-stroke!
 I am a huge sucker for print and color. I feel like it just makes putting an outfit together so easy, because you really dont have to add much to make it exciting. Doesn't this print just make you want to lay out in the sun by the pool with a nice cold lemonade?

 I really love the exposed zipper in the back, it kind of gives something a little bit unexpected. I'd like it better if it were peachy or green.

 AHH!!! This is my most favoritist pair of shoes right here. Let it be known. I love love love these shoes. I dont go crazy over shoes so much (though I do have a strange affinity for just about every boot on this planet), but I couldn't live without these. The lovely ladies at Freestyle held these for me, it almost didn't matter what the price would have been, I would have bought them.
 seriously. just look at the print of these beautious platform wedges. Thank you Lord for the summertime and for wedge weather.
Well you guys, thats about it for me today. I'm already looking forward to Friday night at 10pm so can catch up on some crazy Gyspy Weddings, my other favorite show/ guilty pleasure for the summer. I hope you all are able to take advantage of this heat and jump in or lay by a nice cold pool, becuase that's what I'll be trying to manage. See you soon!!

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  1. You look tropically delicious. The dress is perfect for our cooker of a Sactown summer and those shoes! Yikes! Amazing! What's the brand of them?


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