I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck

Jun 4, 2011

Hi everyone!! Happy saturday. Nathan and I are in Stockton this weekend. I've just returned from the Thrift Store with my mom. We like to tell my dad that we're going to "run errands". But he's a smart guy, he always knows where we're going. I got lots of special prizes for the nezt week. Very excited to share, tons of vintage. I'm serious as ever when I say that Stockton has the best thrift stores. I've never been to any better. Even now that I live in a more metropolitan area.

Anyways, This is not what I wore today, I wore this a few days ago. the outfit I'm wearing today isn't so great. You know, errand running clothing. Originally this outfit didn't include the blazer, but just the top is a lot of floral. I remember the weather being really strange that day. It was really cold when I put the outfit on, and by the time I got to Freestyle to do a little shopping, I it ws freaking 80 degrees, and I was sweating my brains out. Annoying. I'm also starting to get tired of blogging about bi-polar weather.
 This day was clearly a no-make up day.

 While the print on this shirt is really wild, I never get tired of it. I love the vintage-y floral. The colors are just perfect. I'm also growing increasingly obsessed with the color of this nail polish. It's just from Target. Nothing special really.
These holey jeans are from the Gap, that I picked up from Freestyle quite a while ago. I haven't found any that I like better, so the holes just get bigger and bigger, until eventually I'm going to have to cut them into shorts. That will be a sad day...

But these vans never fail to impress. They are so comfy, and they never let me down. They add instant old-fashion-ness to everything, which I always appreciate.
Well everyone thats about it for me today. Can't wait to share my newly thrifted finds with you. It's always great coming back from the hunt with tons of great stuff. See you soon?

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