I'll Meet You In The Air

Jun 21, 2011

Hi everyone. Today I have sad news. Last night at around 8:15, Nathan's dad passed away. These pictures are from our wedding in November 09. I think these pictures speak to Bill's and Nathan's relationship much better than I could. I can see all of Bill's great qualities in Nathan, and for that I am forever thankful. He was literally tough 'til the very end. However, we can be sure that we'll see him again in Heaven and he is there with the Lord, and it's in that hope, that we will be celebrating his life, and grieving our loss, not his. His life forever with Jesus is just now beginning.

So, Thats all for me today. Your thoughts and prayers are felt and appreciated as our family is going a very difficult time of transition. I may or may not see you soon.


  1. so sorry to hear that rach. we pray for comfort and peace to nate's family and you as well. thank you for sharing about him, he seems like he was a need guy.

  2. You and Nathan are in my prayers. Definitely always tough. He's a lucky man to have such a solid wife to lean on.

  3. What awful news, I hope you are both okay :(


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