Super 8 Super Date

Jun 16, 2011

Good morning everyone! What a seriously beautiful day. I have nothing planned, and nothing to do, and I am looking very forward to sitting by the pool at our apartment and soaking up the sun, and reading.

Last night Nathan and I saw Super 8. Have any of you seen it? It's pretty cool. I never see chick flicks in the theatre anymore now that I'm married. It's all teh smae to me really, I don't really care for chick flicks, except for you know, the really good ones, like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, pretty much any Jane Austen book made into a movie, or just about any musical (for the record, I liked the first Producers with Gene Wilder better than the second). Not to knock Matthew Broderick, he was great in the movie version of The Music Man. ANYWAYS!!! Nathan took me on a date to a non-chick-flick last night, which I enjoyed. If you're going to see it, just know, it's the kids that make the movie. They are hilarious, and great little actors (not like the kind you see on TV).

This is what I wore on our date. It's very ballerina. But I love this color palette. The light blush pink, with cream, and dark brown. I think the brown holds it all together. Don't you?

I literally own one single belt. I force it to go with every outfit that I need a belt for. Luckily it's a neutral, and its one of those kind that doesn't have any holes, so I can make it into any size I need, which is very important since my waist and my hips vary significantly in size.

I've been pretty adventerous these days as far as my hair is concerned. I'm starting to get really tired of this weird grown up pre-haircut Justin Beiber bob. But as it is... solidarity! I will grow out this hair! I made this little headband that I have on. It's just a chain crochet stitch. I think it goes well with what I've got going on.

This little owl necklace is the perfect balance between dressy and fun.

Ballet moves.

Well you guys thats about it for me today. I hope you are able to get poolside soon. Don't forget sunscreen. You can still get tan if you put sunscreen on. So don't believe anyone that says other wise. Also, if you spray chamomile tea in your hair, it works with the sun to bring out your natural highlights. It's much better for your hair than Sun-In...which I may still invest in. Anyways... See you soon!


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous!
    I love these colours
    Follow and comment and I'll follow back

  2. So adorable, pretty and girly! And I love the owls!

  3. Super adorable. Love the owl necklace.

  4. super cute, rach!! super gr8 (like how i incorporated super and 8????)


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