That's Right, We Were Talking About Tiny Hats!

Jun 3, 2011

Hello everyone!! So this weekend is supposed to rainy again, but I wanted to make sure I got out and took pictures for this post before the rain started to fall, and before Nathan got home from work and we would have to drive in rush hour traffic to get to Stockton, and by that time I would just be too tired. It's a slippery slope my friend!

Have any of you seen that stand-up DVD that Ellen released like 7 or 8 years ago? These past few days I've really been wanting to watch it. I'm not a stand-up comedy DVD watcher by any stretch, like I dont commonly flip the channel to Comedy Central (in fact, most of the time I hate whatever is on there), but this DVD is effing hilarious, I literally laugh out loud, almost to the point of peeing my pants every single time I watch it. It's so funny. AND, probably my most favorite part of it is... it's Clean! There's no "F" bombs, or crass jokes. It's totally Apropriate! Thats where the title of my blog comes from today. Just a little trivia for you.

Anyways, this is the outfit I decided to wear to day. If it looks familiar, it's because I did actually wear it on my San Diego Trip! I just didn't feature any of my outfits, so I thought today was the day for this dress/sweater combo.
 I've always been into mixing prints, and the floral print of this dress is so small and sweet, that it makes pairing it with other prints really easy. PLUS: This sweater is pretty much a depiticion of me in sweater form. Music notes and piano keys. I've been working on a video post of a song that I wrote recently, but I'm such a noob when comes to you tube. I have to have my wubby help me.
 As you can see, I forgot to put on lipgloss... I love lipgloss, but I forget almost every single day. I dont know why, oh well. It's not the end of the world (unless you Herald Camping) hahaha. That might have been the worst joke I've ever attempted...

Dress: Vintage, Sweater: Anthro from Crossroads, Wedges: Freestyle Nails: Revlon Minted
 These little babies are my new platform wedges. I feel like platform wedges just make my fashion world go round. I've never been one for high heels of any kind, but wow, do I love a good wedge. More to come my friends. More, To, Come.
Well everyone thats about it for me today. Can't wait to get to Stockton to see my parents and my in-laws, AND get to celebrating Mandi's graduation!!! What the heck am I gonna wear? This is very important. Well everyone, get your raincoats out this weekend, it's gonna be a wet one. See you soon!

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