It's Time For Some Blog Featuring Fun Times: SACRAMENTO BLOGGERS!!!

Jun 18, 2011

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day, as it is not even 12 yet. My family is in Yosemite today, and I am here in Stockton. You might think that I am dismayed by this, but I am not, as I will be taking a day trip of my own coming up very shortly. Nathan was thinking Berkeley, but I gotta admit, I'm hoping for Santa Cruz. Will I argue about either one? No way! Both are totally great. But I reeeeeaaaallllly am craving an hour or two of laying on the beach, and a bread bowl with clam chowder. And maybe a vintage shop or two (hundred). What a hard life, right?
ANYWAYS!!! I spend a lot of time not only on my own blog thinking of outfits, and thinking of witty titles. However, I spend just as much time looking for and fawning over other people's blogs (where do you think all my inspiration comes from?). There are soooo many beautiful blogs out there, and some of them are actually right here in the Sacramento Area!! I've never read on Yahoo news about Sacramento being a fashion epicentre, but let me tell/show you that with these lovely ladies, we Sacramento women on our way. We are on, our, way. So let me show you 5 of the top Sacramento Blogs that I've found:)

First of 5: Let it Reign
Skylar Mundy is probably one the cutest people I've seen this internet machine. She often writes on the Jupiper James blog, but her own personal blog is pretty great.

Second: Liz Franco's blog, Srslyliz. This is a blog that I frequent often. Her look is so wearable, and approachable while being really cool and vintage-y, not to mention that she's super beautiful.

This Third I've decided to featurs actually belongs to my WJU alumni buddy, Elizabeth Matchel. Her blog, Yelizabeta, is so beautiful. It's got fashion, but also real-life stuff about all the fun adventures she and her husband go on. Her blog is a super great read, and her vintage store on etsy is super great also.

This next blog is living proof that once you have kids, your life only gets cuter! Ha. Olga from Whitecrow really lets you into her family's life with all of her super cute pictures, and not to mention her super great style. She even has an etsy store so you can look as cute as her.

And Lastly, but definitely not least. If you have tumblr and your not following Lydia's blog Morus Albus you are seriously missing out. This lovely little woman is one of my favorite employees (who am I kidding, every girl at Freestyle is my most favorite. I would consider them all real-life actual friends) at my most favorite-ist store of all time. Her look is so fun, and is even cuter in real life. All the girls at Freestyle should have their own blogs, they are all so fashionable. And seriously, I've never seen a more beautiful head of hair.

SO!!! All you wonderful blog readers, if you haven't already made your way towards these great blogs, you now have no excuse as all of these have links, making it super duper easy for you to find and follow. I hope you're as inspired by these fantastic Sacramento women as I am!!

Thats about it today for me. Maybe an outfit post later, but don't bank on it. I left my Tripod back up at our apartment. Shucks, so today was a great day for a blog feature. Anways, enjoy this beautiful weekend!! I'll see you soon!


  1. Some great new blogs to check out of fashionable ladies in our area...thanks! Hope you will check mine out at some point too xx

  2. thanks for the shout out rachel! love ya girl!

  3. You're so sweet, thanks for featuring my blog Rachel!


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