Lessons continuing to be learned

Oct 1, 2015

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted hasn't it? Well, the school year has started, so that's life I suppose. It's really interesting how every single school year poses one major challenge that influences all facets of life. I can pinpoint them from year to year, but only in hindsight of course.

If you were tracking with me overt he summer you saw that I was doing a  She Reads Truth bible study called Women of the Word. It was awesome! But now I can see that those precious moments with the Lord over the summer were preparing me for this school year. Even now, I am constantly being reminded that Jesus has to be my strength. I write this because its easy for me to forget.

Do you get preoccupied with your circumstances? I totally do. Nate is on tour for the fall with Kutless. It's really exciting, and I really love watching him live His dreams.  But it's easy for me to focus on being alone at home. This is the challenge of this school year. Coming home from school to an empty house. The Lord is constantly reminding me that it's Him, and Him alone that sustains me. That It's God that I rely on for strength, for purpose, for everything.

Seek the Lord with your whole heart. I wish this was something that wasn't coming to the forefront of my mind now as I'm lonely without Nate, but I am thankful that God gives us the grace to realize it at all. That is what this season is for. The summer was a precious time with God, and now I'm moving into a new one, A new season of seeking the heart  of Christ on a different level. Not easy, but always worth it.

Teacher Emergency Kit & A Giveaway!!

Aug 11, 2015

Hello there! So, I'm back on contract, and school is about to start. To be truthful, I am more than ready. In honor of back to school, thought I would post a little bit about teacher life, and host the very first Parrish The Thought give away ( more on that later).

I'm a commuting teacher. I drive about 30-40 minutes to work.  Going home in the case of an emergency, like a wardrobe malfunction, is really not an option for me, especially since the rest of the commuting world is going the opposite direction. At prime commuting hours, going into Napa would take over an hour. Not a chance. So, I have an emergency kit for non-emergencies.

Going Clockwise:
1) Coffee- Duh. Our school has a Keurig, but we often have to buy our own. I actually don't really like flavored coffee, or K-Cup coffee... but a teacher's gotta go, what a teacher's gotta do
2) Deoderant: I wake up super early and often forget. So, I keep some in my desk.
3) Little Mug: This keeps me from drinking a ton of terrible coffee, also, my little Verve mug from Capitola is so cute, and it reminds me of our trip there. I recommend a mug that reminds you of summer.
4) Water-cup: Drinking a ton of water is super important in general, and definitely for a teacher. All that talking all day, for me as a vocalist, can be very exhausting on my voice, so I drink a ton of water, and having a cute water cup is helpful
5) Slip: I know slips are for old-ladies, and see-through everything is way-chic. Well... it's also way inappropriate for teaching teenagers. I've made the mistake of getting dressed in the dark and not knowing my clothes were sheer until I got to school. A teacher rescued me because she had a slip in her desk drawer. Now I do too.
6) Cardigan: My Classroom AC is always on blast, and I can't control the climate of my room.The temperature could be over 100 degrees outside, and in Vacaville it often is, but with my classroom being an icy tundra, I need a sweater.

Teacher Emergency

Now for the REALLY fun part!

I've partnered with some amazing companies to give away the perfect stuff to add to your Emergency Teacher (Mom, Student, Person, Zoo Keeper) Kit. I've partnered with Banner Apparel Company (see my post here), Rejoicing Hearts Shop, and Mast Coffee Co. My vision was to help get the word out about Christian independent businesses and how awesome they are! Everyone who run these companies loves the Lord, and besides Mast (I guess you could make a latte art Cross...weird) their products all convey a Christ like message right from scripture!!

To enter make sure you find my instagram account @parrishthethoughtblog, and look for this post in my profile. Follow all of the accounts tagged in the photo, then COMMENT on only my account. The Giveaway ends on Friday, that's when we'll pick the winner from the comments. Keep your insta's public so we can get a hold of you!! Good Luck!

Previous Lives and The End of Summer

Jul 27, 2015

Hello there, everyone! 

I realize that I haven't been very present on the blog. Blogging has taken a back seat to just enjoying summer vacation. However!! I'm going to fill you in, in one fell swoop of all the exciting things that have been going on in casa de Parrish. We don't actually call it that, sorry for that moment.

Anyways, this summer has been nothing short of awesome. Really! Here's the very fast recap:

We released our very first recorded project!! When I say project, I mean it. Being married and writing original music... not always easy! In fact that leads me to my next fun announcement, Nate and I have been invited to become regular contributors to an online worship resource called The Church Collective! Our first article is the practicals of writing music with a spouse. You think what all those cute married worship power couples is easy? It is not! Either way, that article is on it's way, and you will hear about that when it comes.

You can find our self-titled EP, PARRISH, on iTunes or NoiseTrade!!

Nate and I have done a few radio interviews for the EP, which has been really fun. We even did an interview for a station in Ireland! The DJ's accent was so think I really had to concentrate! Also... it was at 7am. Thanks a lot, time zones! 

Nate has been a part of this alternate music dimension before (more about that later), and so I really just let him take the lead. The key is to be short and sweet and right to the point, while also throwing in a bit of your sense of humor.  

We took a little road trip to the Alameda county faire! It was hotter than the surface of the sun, (remember I live in a constant of 68-75 degrees, I'm a total weather wimp), but it was so fun! This picture kind of looks like an endorsement for BudLight...but trust me, it's not. In fact it's the opposite! I'd like to take this time and tell you how gross I think it is :) Either way the fair was really fun, and there were animals everywhere, and music, and crafts... I felt just like Leslie Knope, my dream girl.
Also, this happened! I got my hair did! I live within walking distance from LeMelange in Napa... the beauty college, and my dear friend, Amy, is a whiz at the salon chair. She really is... I decided, oh a whim, to go full white/platinum 20 minutes before my appointment. I've wanted to for years, but it was always too expensive. Finally! My Elsa dreams have come true! I feel like this is how I was supposed to look. I don't know how you feel about it, but to be honest, I don't care. I love it.

And now, for my final and probably the most life altering announcement. I'm not having a baby. Let's get that out of the way right away. If that were the case, it would be it's own announcement, and it would be me screaming. 

Years ago, before Napa, Roseville, or Citrus Heights, There was Stockton/Modesto. Before there was Parrish or Kingdom, there was Worth Dying For. While Nate was in WDF he had the great opportunity of meeting tons of people in the industry and make actual, real, relationships. Well, the season of our lives, and lifestyle, with WDF has been over for a long time now. The Lord, for lack of better terms had kind of taken that away and forced us to really seek Him (read our story here). It was, and has been an incredible Journey, but Nate has never lost the desire to be a full-time musician. Well, about six weeks ago Nate got a phone call from his friend James, asking if he still did music, and if he did, if he'd like to go on the road with his band, Kutless. 

Long story short, starting in August, Nate will be playing guitar for Kutless and joining them on the road. We have really prayed about it, and the Lord confirmed in our hearts that this is a good thing. For those of you who know about Kutless, or Christian music, or even Nate, it seems like a no-brainer that he would go. The Lord has given full-time, traveling music back to Nate. This is a big deal for us, and a huge answer to prayer. We see it as a blessing for being faithful to the Lord, and giving 100% wherever we are, and being thankful for it. Sometimes that means giving 100% leading worship at your small church. Sometimes that means giving 100% to being a music teacher. Well now for Nate it means touring with Kutless. We are so very thankful for the opportunity, and would appreciate your prayers as we walk into this next chapter.

Hometown Hangs

Jun 16, 2015

Hello everyone! It been quite the crazy day! During the summer I try to visit my hometown of Stockton fairly often to hang out with my parents, and old friends. My brother Matt is getting married to the most wonderful girl, Mandi, in August so my mom, Mandi's mom, and I took a trip to Galt, CA to shop the Galt Flea Market for fun and eclectic wedding stuff. So, so fun. What a place. I really love flea markets. They are full of interesting people, interesting food, and  interesting colors. Flea markets seriously have everything, and Galt does not disappoint.

 I have made a point to be as much like June Carter-Cash and/or Dolly Parton and/or Julie Andrews (I know interesting combo) as possible and have been on a mission for an Autoharp for a while. Well, today that hunt ended. I came away from my excursion having scored an Autoharp, a Frida kahlo printed mesh tote, and a tambourine... You can never have enough tambourines.

We also ventured into downtown Stockton to check out Hubba Hubba Antiques on the Miracle Mile. My mom was looking for vintage hankies, and she hit the jackpot. I am usually on the hunt for Native-American jewelry, but came up empty handed. However, I found no shortage of crazy cute stuff. 

I Invented the "It's not you, It's me"!

Jun 12, 2015

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday to you all! I hope this week has treated you well! It's been a fun one for me, just taking myself for walks all over beautiful downtown Napa.

Have you ever worn something you just didn't feel like you should wear? Today, thats me. There really isn't anything iniherantly wrong with what i'm wearing, or that I'm not pulling this top off, but you know, I just gotta face it. I don't think the boho look is really for me. I'm all about free-spiritedness, but, I think my deal is more retro/vintage/novelty. I call it, Sound of Music goes down town. It's just the truth. There is a moment in season 1 of New Girl where Jess let's one of Nick's girlfriends have it for making fun of the "thing she's got going on", and I feel like Jess just stole the words out of my heart and screamed them on TV.  Just because you like cute stuff and wear tons of color and polka dots, doesn't mean you're not strong.

Just because I'm not a bohemian hippy goddess doens't make me less... anything, it's just not me. Now a frilly shoulder calico top that looked like it might have belonged to little girl running on the prarie, and watermelon shaped purse? Thats me. 

A Summer Vacation For Real

Jun 8, 2015

Hello everyone! Happy Monday afternoon to you. Thought I'd share a few of he highlights of Nate's and my mini-vacation. You won't be shocked to hear that we went to Santa Cruz, our very favorite place in the whole wide world,  We went to our old favorites of course like Lulu Carpenters on Pacific Ave, but we actually did a little bit of adventuring out of our comfort zone and made new favorite places!

We went to the Santa Cruz flea market, and it was so fun, I totally forgot to take any pictures! Next time I guess, There will definitely be a next time. We ended up spending most our time in Capitola at the beach, it was a busy day at the beach, but not super crazy, and wow was it beautiful. I died over all the colors, and the houses were painted so amazingly. Nate and I found a favorite house and we appropriately named the house, House Goals. 

Also, For the very first time, I'm pleased to announce that I got Nate to go into Verve, the coffee place of my dreams. Good grief, that could have been the best mocha I have ever had. Caffeinated heaven, that little cup held! Even Nate couldn't stop stealing sips from time to time!

Eventually it had to end, but hey, calling Napa home isn't so bad after all!

Samosas and Italian soda

Seriously how beautiful is this walk way? So green!
Nate's a male model... Ridiculously good looking... And patriotic

House Goals
That little green camp mug though! Of course I had to have it.

In The Morning

Jun 5, 2015

Hello everyone! So, I realized that after 10 months of teaching more than one day of rest might be necessary! It's crazy how just hanging around the house and reading seems like the right thing to do. I told you yesterday about my Women in the Word bible study. I'm only on day 5, and I am all about it. Why don't I make more of a point to just sit down read my bible? I mean, I actually read It a ton to teach, but it is so much different you read to know God better. I know that... I mean, i know it in my mind, but my sad and silly heart convinces me otherwise... The curse of busyness... Or just being a human. 

It just amazes me that even when discussing the fall of man, Jesus comes to our rescue. The thing I probably love the most about this study, is the fact that scripture isn't necessarily about us, but about how much we need Jesus, and just how far he was willing to go to have a relationship with us... Even though he didn't have to. He wanted to! I've been a Christian for 17 years, and I never cease to be blown away by this fact. Crazy how every story or every woman mentioned in scripture points to this fact. The Bible is awesome.
Now, about the toys. Everytime we have guests someone asks, "Are you okay with Nate's action figures?" And I always reply "Yeah! Look how colorful they are! They go with our weird apartment!" And if I'm being perfectly honest, they're not all Nate's. The Star Wars, SpongeBob, And Muppets toys are mine. I think you can totally tell which side is Nate's, and which side is mine. I love our wall of weirdness. I feel like it says a lot about us as a couple... And why we don't have kids. We're adults with tons of toys.

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