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Nov 24, 2015

Hello There! Happy Tuesday to you folks! It's definitely a happy Tuesday here at the Parrish place. There's just a whole lot of nothing going on today, which for the Parrish's, is a rare thing. I'm on Thanksgiving break, and we won't be traveling until tomorrow, so today goal was to stay at home and lounge around. To do list: dominated.

If you follow me on other social media forms (mainly Instagram, but a little Facebook) you may have noticed a theme when it comes to my recent posts: Nate and I are in a weird season. Not marriage-wise, in case that was a fear, WE'RE doing great, but it seems that all other facets of life are showing us how NOT in control we are. For example: due to foreseen circumstances, The Kutless tour was cut short. Out of 24 dates, only 4 got played and the boys got sent home. Not in our control, and not fun. Though it is nice that Nate had been home all of this time, I wish so much that it was on different terms. I like said, we're in a weird season. 

And while, this season isn't super great, I am always reminded of Psalm 84:11.

     Psalm 84:11(ESV)

For the Lord God is a sun and shield;

    the Lord bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does he withhold
    from those who walk uprightly.

 No good thing does He withhold... I love this verse. God gives us EVERY good thing that we need. Including life-lessons. Including teaching us how to rely on the Him for everything. Including making sure sure we understand that His grace is sufficient.  Including there being no real function of the leaves turning from green to gold to red, other than it being incredibly beautiful. If you are anywhere near Napa, CA, you really should come and visit soon. It is insane how beautiful it is here. You can't help but the see the beauty of God in His creation. I know I sound a little bit like Socality Barbie (may she rest in peace), but I'm being serious. It is very easy to look around and think "Why not me? How come I don't {have, want, do,} that?" It is easy to think that God has skipped over us, and compare ourselves to the people around us, when in reality, God is intentional in the blessings he does and does not give. If you have Salvation, you already have everything. Easier to talk about than it is to apply, for sure, but when you come from that perspective, all of the sudden the process of sanctification is something you can be thankful for. Weird seasons (or more eloquently, seasons of growth), are actually huge blessings because we get to become more and more like Him. 
Parrish The Thought

The timing of Banner's Fall line couldn't have been more perfect really. How would Danielle and Amy know that Psalm 84:11 is one of my all-time favorite scriptures? How would they know that I would have tons to say and think regarding this shirt? When they approached me about the fall-line, I knew that this blue shirt had to be mine. It's perfectly soft and vintage-y. Everything I love. I also plan on making it a little less casual in a future outfit post, so keep your eyes peeled :) But with a flannel, a long sweater, and a red holiday cup, you can't go wrong.
Parrish The Thought

Parrish The Thought

Parrish The Thought

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