Feb 3, 2016

Hello everyone!
Happy New Year? I know, I’m way late to the party, but the fact is, I’m working on being intentional about this blog. I know it can be hard to tell, but I really do love this blog, and I love sharing my life with you folks.
I thought today I would share my heart for 2016 with you. I guess since it's February, it's about time!

Every year, our church fasts for three days in preparation for the new year, and this year was no different. Last year was the first time I had actually fasted food altogether and it was such a powerful encounter with God, that I was really excited about the fast this year. This year I fasted and prayed that the Lord would show me things that I need to change. I prayed for a change of heart, a renewing of my mind. I wanted to stop my poor me mentality, and take responsibility. 

I didn’t ask for a word from God to go into 2015, but I did for 2016. The word God gave me this year is “treasure”. A word to constantly remind me what I’m praying for; To care about the things that God cares about.  The Lord brought Matthew 6:19-21 to me, and it has rocked my world. “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” Yikes. What are the things that I treasure? Do the things I love and obsess over point others to Jesus or do they point to me? Does my marriage benefit from what I love, or just me? What are the things God cares about? Do I care about those things?
Parrish The Thought
Nate and I went on a coffee date (I’ve finally worn Nathan down to liking coffee shops after 8 long years of trying, this is a HUGE victory) to talk about what we wanted to save for and how we wanted to go into 2016, and what kind of things we wanted to see come out of this year. It was so fun. It’s so fun to plan and dream with your spouse. You can express your goals and desires, and they are there to cheer you on, and keep you on track and vis versa! I can’t believe we’d never done it before! I even got a gym membership!

What are your goals for this year? Do you have any? I want to know! I wanna cheer you on! Let’s treasure the things of God together, and encourage one another in our pursuit of Him! 

Also check out on Monday for my feature in their Women Empowering Women: Marriage column! I couldn’t be more excited!!

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