Valentine's Day Adventure

Feb 15, 2016

Hi Everyone!
I hope your Valentine's day was nice! Nate and I were leading worship at Church, so we didn't really get much of a chance to do anything on the actual day of Valentine's day, though we did get a nice hearty Sunday afternoon nap in. Instead we tooka advantage of my Friday off and went up the valley to the little town of St. Helena. 

Napa Valley is postcard perfect. Every single thing is beautiful, so even just a little drive is romantic. It's wonderful. Also, Napa CA proper, doesn't really have all the wineries and restaurants, there are a lot of them of course, but the really big nationally known ones are up the valley in Yountville and St. Helena. Of course, we have never been to any of them, they are crazy expensive. BUT St. Helena has the cutest downtown, and it really is just fun to walk and see and look at all the shops. Here are some of the pics of our outing.

This really is what Napa looks like. Right now. It's a dream world!

Parrish The Thought
Parrish The Thought
Parrish The Thought
I wish my slip hadnt been showing in this picture, but I really dont care all that much. This  old church that Nate and I parked by was so beautiful. It was built in 1859. Our walking date consisted of walking around downtown, and stopping to look in some of the shops here and there. It was just nice to be outside. It was a perfect 70 degrees as we were walking. You couldnt have asked for better weather.  It was such a fun date.

Parrish The Thought
We'd never really been there on a date before, but we'll definitely be going back. This was more like a scoping out, rather than really taking it in. Can't wait to go back! How was your valentine's day? Did you do anything fun or romantic? Do you have valentine's day tradtions? 

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