Life Goes Easy On Me

Jul 29, 2011

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! I hope your week went well. I'm so happy the weekend is here. That means I get my wubby mostly to myself, and that always makes me happy:) I went to Rocklin today to Jessup to help are ever impressive Music Department assistant with administrative stuff like music copies and stuff. Let me tell you, the girl is Superwoman! Her name is Lyndsay, and if you ever run into her, you're a lucky human being. She's pretty great. You should also ask her to sing a song for you. She's an amazing singer. We're leading worship together next year for chapel, and I am very happy to have her as a right hand woman.

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear today. More thrift store gems from Stockton over the past weekend. I really love the authentic 80's-ness of this shirt. The boxiness, the cropped length, the little hearts...the Collar even pops out at the top a little bit! This top was a welcome find. When I showed my mom the skirt, she simply said "mmmm...Librarian". hahaha. Whats wrong with that?

 This little guy is who my dearest friend Erin is babysitting for a while! Isn't he way too cute! He was so precious! Only one ear sticks up. It's so funny. He's actually very tiny under all that puffy fur. Look at that little tiny face.
 ALSO! I got a slight haircut! I only had my bangs cut, but it realy is amazing how different your hair looks with just a little change. It makes me excited that my hair is growing!
ANYWAYS, thats about it for me today. The second disc of the second season of Sons of Anarchy came in the mail today (yay netflix). So.... besides having to get home to cook my wubby dinner, I have the sons to get home to. Ha. Tomorrow, theres a very good chance of Nathan and I going to Santa Cruz with our nephews. I really hope we go. I need to see the beach at least once this summer! See you soon

nothing is certain but death and taxes

Jul 26, 2011

Hi Everyone! Happy Tuesday to you all. I hope you’re week is going well thus far. Mine was good... until I had to re-do my taxes!! Do you know how confusing the 1040-X form is?! Good grief it is seriously the worst! I just found out that I have to completely re-do my taxes because of a discrepancy of $12... Good grief. It makes my brain just melt... not. fun.

Anyways! Now for happy news!!! Nathan and I went to Stockton because he had a tattoo appointment, so naturally my mom and I went to go run errands! There’s a great thrift store is Stockton called Superior thrift. I’ve mentioned it before. The Name suits this place perfectly. I never ever leave empty handed. I find my greatest stuff at Superior. And this trip with my mom was no different.

This is what I decided to wear today. Just a few of my finds from yesterday. I feel like the wide stripes and the shape of this dress are right on trend for the summer. I’ve got to find a way to style this so its suitable for the Fall. Same with all the midi-skirts that I’ve collected this summer. Anyways! This dress could not be a more simple outfit to style. The stripes are busy enough that you really don’t have to do much. Minimalism. I like that.

 I just really love everything about this dress. It was one of those things that you see on the hanger and think "I wonder...". I love when that thought pops into my brain. It's my favorite part of the thrift store.
 These clog sandals were such a steal!! I was so thrilled to see them in the shoe bin, I almost let out a little squeal! Only $6 for shoes I'll own for the rest of my life. Not a bad deal.

Well, that’s about it for me. I have to get to working on my financial aid.  It’s very frustrating. But when you go to a private Christian school, and you’re newly married, you pretty jump through any hoop to afford it! So… that’s gonna be my day, Boo. Well… I hope you all have a much more fun day me! See you soon!

I'll Lock My Heart In My Tower

Jul 24, 2011

Hello Everyone! I’m blogging on a Sunday! Is that allowed? Heck yeah it is. I guess if you’re really stiff, I shouldn’t tell you that I’m also watching Harry Potter! AND since my wubby is so sick, I’m also not going to church this morning! Oh my goodness. Just kidding. While I sincerely love the Lord, and love going to church, I don’t believe that Harry Potter is evil in the slightest! In fact I love Harry Potter, and I cried in Part 2 of the Deathly Hollows, and raised a fist of victory when Neville triumphed over evil. I have a special place in my heart for Neville. I don’t know why, I’m such a person my mystery. Ha.

ANYWAYS! I wasn’t sure if Nathan was up to going to church, and since I wake up much earlier than him anyways, I got ready for church just in case. If we had gone, this is what you would have seen me in. I’ve had this dress for years. Its probably the most flattering dress I own. Obviously this is a summer dress, because if I were to wear this in the winter, It would be the same color as my skin!! I have to have a little bit of a summer glow in order to wear it.

 I really love how long the bow is in the back. And on a funny note, look at my eagle claw hand clenching onto that pole... what the heck was I doing?

When I first bought this dress, I was buying it for a photo shoot for when I was a full-time musician. What a little baby I was!! Cute little 21 year old Rachel. Look at that hair! Where have those past 5 years gone? Crazy. I think I was going for a Pride and Prejudice look… when am I not? Anyways, I don’t like wearing the dress with the tie in the front anymore because I feel like it looks a little bridesmaids-y. If you're curious as to what my music sounded like, you can go to my old myspace page: Wow, these pictures seem ancient.
both photos: Caleb Kuhl
PS: How funny is this: the guy who did my photos was a contestant for the Bachelorette Season 5!!! How crazy is that?! I had no idea. He truly is a great guy. Obviously he did not win. But he is a very very talented and driven photographer. Yay! I kinda feel like I know a celeb (even though I clearly do not). haha.
Well everyone, that’s about it for me today. It’s my Grandma’s birthday today, so my parents are taking her to the State Fair. If it weren’t so expensive to go, me and Nathan would so be there! As it is, we’re gonna meet up with them later for dinner. Hooray! Well everyone enjoy this beautiful Sunday afternoon. See you soon!!

She's a Pal and a Confidante

Jul 23, 2011

Hello everyone!! I hope your weekend is going well thus far. Mine's gone kind of good I guess. I mentioned a few posts ago that my wubby was sick, and it turns out that he was much more sick than we knew, and he has the flu... sad. So thats what my day has consisted of for the most part. Taking care of my husband, and nursing him back to health. Hopefully he gets better soon, I hate seeing him this way. In my 3 1/2 years of knowing him, I've never seen him so sick.

Anyways, as I type this at starbucks, this is actually my second time here today! I got all the way to starbucks and realized that I didn't have my camera or my usb chord to load my pictures! Silly me, so I took care of whatever I could, and just redigned to the fact that I had to come back. But thats okay! Because it's the time of year for the Treat reciept! yay! Although, I ordered the new blended Strawberry thing, and I really wish I had ordered a coffee drink, Oh well, good thing it was only two dollars, and not the regular price. The frozen strawberry lemonade thing from Mc Donalds is way better, and it's much cheaper. Whatever.

ANYWAYS!! This is what I decided to wear today. This little white dress doesn' actually belong to me.... it belongs to my dear friend Alyssa!! I dont remember why it had been hanging in my closet, but one funny thing is: it's from Campbells! This dress was there while I worked there, so she much have gone in while I was working, but I didn't know her then! We were meant to be friends, this much is true. Campbell's, in case you were wondering, is this great retail store that I worked at when I lived in Stockton years ago. Everything they have there is cute, and it was a very dangerous place to work and have a discount.

 I'm obviously working the head scarf again. When you're taking care of your sick husband the last thing you wanna do is get your hair all cute for no reason. I mean, I do get cute for my husband, but when he's literally sleeping all day... whats the point right? Today is a head scarf day.
 Isn't the back of this dress neat? You can really tell, but the white knit fabric is kind of shimmery! so if you unbelt it, and wear with heels, it can be kind of dressy!

 I thought I would repaint my nails. They were looking bad.

Well you guys! Thats about it for me today. I can't believe I forgot to give you guys a link to my best friend's shop Darby and Lola, there it is for you. ALSO, don't forget to check out her wedding in last month's The Knot!!! How exciting!! Anyways, I gots to get back to my wubby!! See you soon!!

Primary Election

Jul 22, 2011

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday to you all! The heat is definitely back. No more pleasant walks over to Starbucks, I have to drive, I’ll melt… even if the walk is only 7-10 minutes. Oh well. Anyways! Two days ago I mentioned that I was gonna have a play date with my dearest friend from childhood (this is her wedding, featured in the Knot!!). I can prove it, you can just look every picture of my kiddy birthday parties, she’s there (and I’min all of hers!). It was such a blast, there are only a few people on this earth that make me laugh as hard as my husband does, and Karli is one of them. You know those friends that you don’t see for a while but when you do, it’s like no time has passed? That’s me and Karli. We both managed to get out of our little Hometown, and we’re still great friends! She lives in the Santa Rosa area. Next visit, me and Nathan are gonna visit she and James (her husband). Yay for best friends.

Anyways! Our day consisted of shopping till we dropped. Roseville has really great shopping, but you know me. I can’t buy brand new, I really cant. Everyones got great sales going right now, but even then with the great prices, nothing satisfies like a great find at a secondhand place. Sorry, but not really.

Well, everyone this is what I decided to wear today. I feel like the primary colors of this skirt make it perfect for summer. I like how it’s kind of nautical, but not with anchors and stripes. It’s nice.

This little hair clip is from Karli’s etsy store Darby and Lola. I am not joking, she’s like the craftiest woman I know (in a good way. She literally crafts things). Her store is soooooo cute! Every single one of those “o’s” is sincere. It’s super high quality and well made. I just adore everything in her store. I really like this clip because it’s not so big that it overwhelms my little baby pony-tail.
 Isn't the belt of this skirt so fun? It's like a party in a belt!

Well everyone, that’s about it for me. Be sure to stop by Karli’s store before you get off your computers! Her stuff is not to be missedJ Enjoy your Friday everyone! See you soon!

They’re As Serious As Any Sovereign Nation About Preservation

Jul 20, 2011

Hello! I hope you guys are all having a great Wednesday thus far. Mine’s going pretty great to be honest. As I’m typing this I’m actually watching the commentary on the DVD of mine and Nathan’s latest obsession…which just happens to be the Sons of Anarchy!! Ha! I know, how incredibly random right? Nathan brought them home from his Dad’s house, and they just sat there in our DVD box forever. When I was sick watching the same DVDs over and over and over, I finally pulled out SOA, and ironically enough, I was hooked. I guess I secretly long for life on the edge… That my friends is the opposite of truth, I love my very far away from the edge life. Which then brings me to my next DVD review… ha.
We rented Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules. I loved it! It’s so sweet and funny, and for lack of better terms, family friendly. I think I’ll definitely be buying these movies for my children when they are old enough to care about movies, when I actually have kids. I like kid movies in general, they’re super funny without being vulgar. PS. Steve Zhan is the dad! How can you not love a movie when the dad is Steve Zhan!! He’s so believable! If my dad weren’t so amazingly awesome, I think I’d like the dad from this movie to be my dad.

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear today. It kind of reminds of West Side Story for some reason, you know, I just wanna break out with “Tonight, Tonight”. I think it’s because of the shape and color of the top, mixed with the brightness and the shape of the skirt.

I mentioned this in my very first post ever, how awkward it can be to just go and take pictures of your self posing and trying to be cool. The reason I’m smiling so huge is because Nathan opened the window and scared me! So much for being really cool!!

These are my Disneyland sandals. That’s what I call them. They’re perfect for walking around all day. You can wear them with shorts and a Mickey mouse shirt (or this skirt, speaking of Disney) and then when you wanna go to dinner, you just put on a cute dress and the metallic gold makes them kinda dressy.

Well everyone, that’s about it for me today. My dearest friends from my childhood are coming to visit tomorrow! I seriously. Can. Not. Wait. It’s gonna be so great! Pictures to come for sure! See you soon!
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