These People Are My Friends, and I CARE ABOUT THEM!!

Jul 10, 2011

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend, I know I definitely am. Yesterday was pretty much the greatest day of my life as I caught up with Stockton friends that I hadn’t really had really good hang out time with in a really long time. I was so busy chatting it up and talking about life that I didn’t take a single picture!! Don’t worry though, the Wilson Way flea market in Stockton is really nothing to take pictures of. However, I really should have taken pictrues of how cute my friends looked, my brother’s GF Mandi and her BFF Shelby are definitely the most fashionable 18 years ladies that I know personally for sure. Not to mention they are little theological geniuses. Oh well… such is life I suppose.

BUT I also reconnected with my best friend through high school and go around at college, Meg. She’s quite the scrap booking/invitation /greeting card maven. She’s got this crazy machine called a Cricket, and it cuts out all these crazy shapes, I don’t know what kind of sorcery it employs, but it’s pretty crazy. We hadn’t chatted or even seen each other since our best friend Karli’s wedding (who was featured in the Knot!!) last September! It was really healing time to reconnect. Something was missing from my life, and it was Meg (hahaha, how romantic! But I’m serious).
Anyways, while I was hanging out with my girlfriends all day, this is what I decided to wear. I followed Keiko Lynn’s tutorial of how wear and head scarf, and I think this will definitely be a look that I adopt as I continue to grow out my hair. It’s kind of rock-a-billy meets Prince at the 2006 super bowl half-time show. I invested in this scarf and hot pink one from the Goodwill for $2.25. I’ll have to look for more neutral ones so I can wear them with more outfits.

What a treat! Out of nowhere, Nathan decided he wanted to help me with my pictures! Hahaha. Look how regal he is in these. Some of them he decided to be my quest photographer for a few pictures since I forgot my tripod in Sacramento. Man… what the heck did I do before having a tripod?

This is my dads firewood pile… how mountainly is that right?! I feel like I look so rugged standing in front of it! Ha.

Well everyone, that’s about it for me today. Hopefully I’ll be working this week, ‘cause you know, I gotta make the dough! As Mr Krabs from Spongebob would say, “It’s money that makes your pants square.” Hope the rest of your weekend goes great!! See you soon!!


  1. You 2 look great! Nice job with the head scarf. I love your salt water sandals btw, I havent had those since I was a kid! Totally time to grab another pair:)

  2. pic #4 with nathan in the background is by far i think my fav!! and i love how you use the turban to hold up the back of your hair girlfriend - oh the woes of outgrowth, eh :) AND great eyelet skirt!


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