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Jul 5, 2011

Hello everyone!! Holy shoot, is it hot today! For those of you who read from anywhere other than the central valley, this area gets notoriously hot during the summer, and it makes doing anything without air conditioning a real burden. Thankfully, Mine and Nathan's apartment is never in direct sunlight, so we're able to keep our place cool with minimal AC usage.

ANYWAYS!! How was your 4th of July? I hope it was as fun as mine. I just hung out with my family, but it was definitely one of the best 4th of July's I've ever had. I think I say that every year, because I definitely remember saying that about last years. I think 4th of July is so fun. Barbeque, Swimming, Family, and remembering how wonderful our Country is... Don't get me started. When I see parades honoring our soldiers, I get all teary. Their bravery on our behalf... man, pretty amazing (I try not to use that word too lightly). Thanks boys!

Well everyone here's a recap of my day yesterday. this is what I decided to wear for all of our festivities. I don't know why I didn't think to wear Red, White, and Blue, I'm above dressing patriotically... no siree. Anyways, I'm on a real pink and white kick these days. It's just so sweet and girly and lovely.... I dont know, I just cant get away from it.

 I'm not prepared to commit to the high waisted shorts just yet, so I wore this lacey little number over it. My idea of commitment at this time is the tying it in a little knot on the side, that way if I feel a little bit too...whatever, I can just untie the knot!

 One this that is always a little but new for me is, the real full on actual lipstick on a casual day! I usually wear nude lipgloss, but for the 4th of July I put on this pink lipstick. I liked it! I think I'll keep it for now:)

 This little seahorse necklace is special to me for a very silly reason: its the first thing I ever bought at Freestyle ages ago when it first opened. Little did I know what a huge role it would be in my life!

Here's a few pics of our 4th of July Festivities with our nephews! We thought we might go down to Santa Cruz and spend the 4th there, but the traffic deterred us. So expect a Santa Cruz Post next week, when it's not so crazy!! We actually drove down to Stockton (like you're all shocked) to celebrate, and I'm so glad we did. It was so wonderful to just spend time with the ones we love:)

Well everyone thats about it for me today! I hope your 4th of July was super great, and that everyone was safe and sound! As for the rest of this week... I'm just gonna try and stay out of the heat!! See you soon!!

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  1. I love the lipstick! Lipstick on casual days is fun, right?!


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