In summer, the song sings itself

Jul 15, 2011

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!! Hope your weeks has been good, mine's been pretty uneventful really. Just nanny-ing it up and hanging out with friends, you know, watching the Bachelorette!! I hate the show as much as I love it. I'm too far in now, I have to see how it goes down. Just to honest, I know how much everyone lovs, JP... but didn't he kind of come off as a psycho last week? I like Ames... but I know he has no chance.
Anyways!!  The weather has been so mild! I'm talking 70 degrees in July!! In the Valley? Thats just unheard of! It makes it picking out an outfit really easy. When it gets super hot all you wanna wear is a swimsuit, but when it's nice like this, you can wear whatever you want! It's so nice!

So This is what I decided to wear today. It pretty boring I guess. However, I really do enjoy the colors and the shapes of this outfit. There's no print! I know, I dont really know how to deal with solids... This top is really cropped, and when you're tall and have a long torso, cropped tops are super cropped, and since I'm really not emotionally prepared to do the whole bare midriff trend, I decided to wear my high waisted shorts. I think the shapes and pastels go well together.

 ALSO!! I'm dog sitting! This little baby is my friend's dog, Prissy! Isn't she so precious! Sh'e seriously the best behaved dog. They were going to Santa Cruz for a few days, so I offered my expert dog sitting services because I don't watch the kids on Thursdays and Fridays. So me and Prissy have basically become best friends.

 She has to wear her little hair in a pony because her bangs are so long! She can't see without it!
Here are a few more pics from the week for you to enjoy :)
Well, thats about for me today!! Hope the rest of your friday goes great and that you fully enjoy the weekend ahead! See you soon!


  1. That is the cutest little doggie ever. I love your blouse too, it's super pretty :) I hope you're having an amazing summer. I miss you!

  2. such a sweet and refreshing blog post. thank you for sharing your slice of friday (and your so NOT BORING frock) with us. a treat's a treat!

    peace and love,


  3. i adore the pretty colors of this outfit!!


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