I'll Lock My Heart In My Tower

Jul 24, 2011

Hello Everyone! I’m blogging on a Sunday! Is that allowed? Heck yeah it is. I guess if you’re really stiff, I shouldn’t tell you that I’m also watching Harry Potter! AND since my wubby is so sick, I’m also not going to church this morning! Oh my goodness. Just kidding. While I sincerely love the Lord, and love going to church, I don’t believe that Harry Potter is evil in the slightest! In fact I love Harry Potter, and I cried in Part 2 of the Deathly Hollows, and raised a fist of victory when Neville triumphed over evil. I have a special place in my heart for Neville. I don’t know why, I’m such a person my mystery. Ha.

ANYWAYS! I wasn’t sure if Nathan was up to going to church, and since I wake up much earlier than him anyways, I got ready for church just in case. If we had gone, this is what you would have seen me in. I’ve had this dress for years. Its probably the most flattering dress I own. Obviously this is a summer dress, because if I were to wear this in the winter, It would be the same color as my skin!! I have to have a little bit of a summer glow in order to wear it.

 I really love how long the bow is in the back. And on a funny note, look at my eagle claw hand clenching onto that pole... what the heck was I doing?

When I first bought this dress, I was buying it for a photo shoot for when I was a full-time musician. What a little baby I was!! Cute little 21 year old Rachel. Look at that hair! Where have those past 5 years gone? Crazy. I think I was going for a Pride and Prejudice look… when am I not? Anyways, I don’t like wearing the dress with the tie in the front anymore because I feel like it looks a little bridesmaids-y. If you're curious as to what my music sounded like, you can go to my old myspace page: www.myspace.com/rachelbishop. Wow, these pictures seem ancient.
both photos: Caleb Kuhl
PS: How funny is this: the guy who did my photos was a contestant for the Bachelorette Season 5!!! How crazy is that?! I had no idea. He truly is a great guy. Obviously he did not win. But he is a very very talented and driven photographer. Yay! I kinda feel like I know a celeb (even though I clearly do not). haha.
Well everyone, that’s about it for me today. It’s my Grandma’s birthday today, so my parents are taking her to the State Fair. If it weren’t so expensive to go, me and Nathan would so be there! As it is, we’re gonna meet up with them later for dinner. Hooray! Well everyone enjoy this beautiful Sunday afternoon. See you soon!!

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