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Jul 23, 2011

Hello everyone!! I hope your weekend is going well thus far. Mine's gone kind of good I guess. I mentioned a few posts ago that my wubby was sick, and it turns out that he was much more sick than we knew, and he has the flu... sad. So thats what my day has consisted of for the most part. Taking care of my husband, and nursing him back to health. Hopefully he gets better soon, I hate seeing him this way. In my 3 1/2 years of knowing him, I've never seen him so sick.

Anyways, as I type this at starbucks, this is actually my second time here today! I got all the way to starbucks and realized that I didn't have my camera or my usb chord to load my pictures! Silly me, so I took care of whatever I could, and just redigned to the fact that I had to come back. But thats okay! Because it's the time of year for the Treat reciept! yay! Although, I ordered the new blended Strawberry thing, and I really wish I had ordered a coffee drink, Oh well, good thing it was only two dollars, and not the regular price. The frozen strawberry lemonade thing from Mc Donalds is way better, and it's much cheaper. Whatever.

ANYWAYS!! This is what I decided to wear today. This little white dress doesn' actually belong to me.... it belongs to my dear friend Alyssa!! I dont remember why it had been hanging in my closet, but one funny thing is: it's from Campbells! This dress was there while I worked there, so she much have gone in while I was working, but I didn't know her then! We were meant to be friends, this much is true. Campbell's, in case you were wondering, is this great retail store that I worked at when I lived in Stockton years ago. Everything they have there is cute, and it was a very dangerous place to work and have a discount.

 I'm obviously working the head scarf again. When you're taking care of your sick husband the last thing you wanna do is get your hair all cute for no reason. I mean, I do get cute for my husband, but when he's literally sleeping all day... whats the point right? Today is a head scarf day.
 Isn't the back of this dress neat? You can really tell, but the white knit fabric is kind of shimmery! so if you unbelt it, and wear with heels, it can be kind of dressy!

 I thought I would repaint my nails. They were looking bad.

Well you guys! Thats about it for me today. I can't believe I forgot to give you guys a link to my best friend's shop Darby and Lola, there it is for you. ALSO, don't forget to check out her wedding in last month's The Knot!!! How exciting!! Anyways, I gots to get back to my wubby!! See you soon!!

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