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Jul 20, 2011

Hello! I hope you guys are all having a great Wednesday thus far. Mine’s going pretty great to be honest. As I’m typing this I’m actually watching the commentary on the DVD of mine and Nathan’s latest obsession…which just happens to be the Sons of Anarchy!! Ha! I know, how incredibly random right? Nathan brought them home from his Dad’s house, and they just sat there in our DVD box forever. When I was sick watching the same DVDs over and over and over, I finally pulled out SOA, and ironically enough, I was hooked. I guess I secretly long for life on the edge… That my friends is the opposite of truth, I love my very far away from the edge life. Which then brings me to my next DVD review… ha.
We rented Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules. I loved it! It’s so sweet and funny, and for lack of better terms, family friendly. I think I’ll definitely be buying these movies for my children when they are old enough to care about movies, when I actually have kids. I like kid movies in general, they’re super funny without being vulgar. PS. Steve Zhan is the dad! How can you not love a movie when the dad is Steve Zhan!! He’s so believable! If my dad weren’t so amazingly awesome, I think I’d like the dad from this movie to be my dad.

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear today. It kind of reminds of West Side Story for some reason, you know, I just wanna break out with “Tonight, Tonight”. I think it’s because of the shape and color of the top, mixed with the brightness and the shape of the skirt.

I mentioned this in my very first post ever, how awkward it can be to just go and take pictures of your self posing and trying to be cool. The reason I’m smiling so huge is because Nathan opened the window and scared me! So much for being really cool!!

These are my Disneyland sandals. That’s what I call them. They’re perfect for walking around all day. You can wear them with shorts and a Mickey mouse shirt (or this skirt, speaking of Disney) and then when you wanna go to dinner, you just put on a cute dress and the metallic gold makes them kinda dressy.

Well everyone, that’s about it for me today. My dearest friends from my childhood are coming to visit tomorrow! I seriously. Can. Not. Wait. It’s gonna be so great! Pictures to come for sure! See you soon!

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