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Jul 1, 2011

Hello Everyone!! As you all know, it has been a while since I posted anything, life has been turned upside down these past few days.  It sure is strange now to think that life will never be the same ever again, however, we are definitely comforted by the fact that Bill is in heaven.

Today life is starting to return to normal. I went to go run errands with my mom, and you know what that means. Nathan's best friend is in town from Washington, so its been really fun seeing him and catching up. We all went to go see Tranformers: Dark of the Moon (the title sounds like a texting typo to me, I feel like it shoudl say "Dark side of the Moon"), and that was pretty good actually, I didn't hate the girlfriend, like I thought she was, when I heard she was Victoria's Secret model without any prior acting experience, I have to admit, I immediately thought she would just walk around in her undies, but I was wrong. In fact, I prefer her over Megan Fox. Thus far my favorite movie of the summer is... going to be Harry Potter. ha. no really, I think Kung Fu Panda has been my favorite so far.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. This is my new favorite skirt. The color is my latest obsession. Its so summery and flowy, and it's linen, so it's very cool.
 I took my pictures in my Parent's backyard. There are so many different aspects of this yard. It's just such a beautiful place. It really is like a little haven amidst a very depressed town.

 I couldn't help but take a few pictures of some of the plants and flowers in the yard. I just love these Succulents and Hydrangeas

 And I feel like my little buddies have been somewhat neglected on this blog as of late. Here's Oscar and Chico, trying to beat the heat! I love my little doggies.
Well everyone thats it for me today. We have felt and appreciated your prayers for sure, things are still difficult, but like I said, we are making steps toward a new kind of normalcy. I hope your guy's weekend is lovely, and have so much fun celebrating America on the 4th or July!!

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