TGI casual Friday VCS style

Aug 31, 2012

Happy Friday to you all!! It's almost labor day weekend and I'm trying to type this blog on my iPad while walking down the staircase of our VCS campus!! Maybe not the wisest the decision, but you only get a few free minutes everyday. Anyways today is casual Friday, meaning I get to wear jeans!! Yay! Also, I have to wear my VCS sprint wear, so here i am totally wearing a full-on polo shirt.

I really have nothing against polo shirts, but for 3 years Ina row, that's all I was allowed to wear to school, So I think I just sub-consciously avoid them in the store.

Also, that clock is in AM folks... After getting ready for school!

Instagram Tuesday fun times

Aug 28, 2012

Heres a little life update via Instagram. If you wanna find me at Parrishthehtoughtblog on instagram, you should follow me!! School days are way too short on Tuesday's to post a real post!

Oh praise the one who paid my debt

Aug 27, 2012

Hello everyone!! Happy Monday to you! I've never been a hater of Mondays and I'm still not. In fact, now that summer is over and I have stuff to do... All the time, I'm starting to really like them! I'm thinking of starting an instagram post every week, probably Fridays. It's casual Friday at vcs, and I have to wear a vcs t- shirt with jeans. And I'm not complaining at all, any place that lets you dress comfy, I'm all about.. But you know me, if given the option, I'll always wear a dress.

Speaking of which this is what I decided to wear today. Isn't this the funnest dress you ever laid your eyes on? I love the colors!

First Week Finish

Aug 25, 2012

Hello everyone!! I did it! I have officially survived my first week of school as a high school teacher. Let me tell you. The faculty, the students, the subject I get to teach. I love it all. Probably the one thing I could live without is.... Having to lay down the hammer. But I'm figuring out how to conduct class so I have to do that less and less.

Also: this is really exciting, the students in my choir and myself, are arranging our own song to share with the pastors of our community, and also their grandparents. I would invite my grandma, but she lives too far away. Anyways, let's just keep it short and simple. I'm in love with teaching. It's all I can talk about these days!

This is obviously not what I wore today, I'm not in my classroom on a Saturday but here's what I wore yesterday. I'm looking for a camera with a self timer that actually take good pictures from my iPad. Any app suggestions?

My strong recommendation

Aug 23, 2012

Gosh. Hello everyone. Happy Thursday to you! Let me tell you that I have never been so exhausted in my whole life. I have to wake up super early in order to get to school on time, but I new that from the beginning. I was totally prepared. But what I'm learning big- time, is the emotional exhaustion! I'm constantly "on" like a performance. It's crazy!

But let me tell you this. I love it. It's almost crazy how much I love my new teaching job. If anyone is thinking of gong into education, I would recommend it very highly. Isn't it funny how we think we know what we want, but really it's god who knows. He knows us so well. I love how the lord constantly and graciously tells me " I told you so!"

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. My mom bought this skirt for herself and decided she didn't want it. Aren't the colors and print out of control? Also, you all now how I feel about danskos. Well, these are a different style than the traditional ones obviously, but they are just as comfortable, and a little more dressy.

One for the rhythm

Aug 21, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday to you! I hope you're having a great day! I really am. Yesterday may have very well been one of the craziest/ scariest/ most exciting days in my whole life. today has been a totally different story. I'm on my way to finding what I call my teaching rhythm.

I have to say though, it's tough for me not ramble on and on when I get talking about jesus. There's so much to say! Luckily I have a whole school year to pace it out. But with Jesus I feel like ten month still isn't enough.

This is what I decided to wear today. The other way I'll ever have time for this blog is if I edit it from my iPad, so while the point and shoot weren't the best, the app I have with a self timer isn't super great either.

Teacher! Teacher!

Aug 20, 2012

So today was my first day of school. I have had plenty of first days of school in my life, but this was different. This time I was the teacher. This time I AM the teacher! It was mostly a day of explanation. I a lot of hearing the sound of my own voice. But I teach drama, choir, and bible. Teaching Two out of the three of those subjects usually are the result of loving the sound of your own voice. Teaching bible was the result of actually hearing god's voice, on the few occasions that I actually listened. Funny how when we actually do what god tells us, things always work out. Here are a few snapshots of my day, including what I wore:) I have to include that!!!
I'm still figuring this whole iPad app for blogger out. It's very weird.

And I just realized that I didn't mention anything about the quality of my day. It was awesome! I am a little bit overwhelmed, and I was scared this morning, but I think if you're a new teacher and you're not scared, then there's something wrong with you. I love the kids I work with, and the school that I work for. To say that this job is a blessing from the Lord is the understatement of the century. I can't wait to see what the Lord is bringing to me this year! See you soon!

Instagrams + Santa Cruz!!

Aug 17, 2012

Hello everyone!! I hope you've all had a great Friday! I sure did, here are a few instagrams to fill you in on our super fun day!!

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