Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure

May 25, 2011

Oh hello everyone!! My gosh, seriously how long has it been since I posted anything legitimate?! I wanna say three weeks. I mean, there was that online store post, but you know… like a real post. I don’t know. ANYWAYS! I am back, and I am so glad. I’ve missed blogging, and have gotten a bajillion new things to share with you.

One thing that has happened since I’ve been gone is that the school year has ended. While it’s rainy today (weird), Summer is now here. And since you know the school years over, you know what that means… so is my school year’s resolution of buying only thrifted/secondhand goods (Mostly from Freestyle Clothing Exchange, Big Valley Thrift, or Superior thrift). I thought I would be so excited to end my resolution that I would go out to H&M immediately and buy up the store. I found that I could not. My dearest friend Alyssa Severin and I ventured to the mall in literally months, and wandered through H&M and Forever pretty aimlessly. I must have tried on a hundred things and you know, I just wasn’t wowed…. I don’t know. There’s a sense of victory in finding that perfect piece among the “rubble” in the thrift store. Not to mention the pride that comes from getting vintage cowboy boots for $7.50. Anyways, though technically my school year’s resolution is over, it will go on in my heart forever. I don’t think I’ll ever return to my old ways. Plus, you can get vintage at Forever21.

Well, this is what I decided to wear today. I put on the dress before I had looked outside, and paired with ONLY gladiator sandals… To my dismay I saw that it was very cloudy, and pretty cold out, so I dug out my tights and boots, and put on my trench coat. I forgot how much I love to wear tights. They are my favorite accessory.

It’s funny to me that I mentioned Forever21 in the blog earlier, and this little dress is actually from Forever. However, I did buy it at Freestyle.

It’s funny to me that I mentioned Forever21 in the blog earlier, and this little dress is actually from Forever. However, I did buy it at Freestyle.

My wubby came home from work and surprised me with these beauteous vintage boots. Look at the awesome southwestern detail on the side. Who’s jealous because their husband doesn’t home with shoes? My husband is so great!! (and not just ‘cause he has the ability to know what shoes I love, and what size I wear).

Well everyone, that’s about it for me today! Tomorrow is going to be a really fun/adventurous day with my gal pal Rachel. We’re going downtown for a little thrifting fun. Can’t wait!! Hope the weather’s a little clearer!

See you soon!

New Favorite Online Store :) Chic Wish

May 15, 2011

Good morning everyone!! It's been such a long time since I've posted anything. For that I do apologize. I've really missed blogging away. I'm done with school for this year, and so the summer (which happens to be my favoritist time of year school or no school), is going to be over-flowing with fashion filled adventures and wonderment. Okay so, this summer is actually going to be filled with me being a nanny for a totally cool family, and me making every effort to not lose touch with my school pals over the summer. The choir is going on tour tomorrow until thursday, and I am soooo glad because, I am really missing my friends. I'm such a social little woman...

Anyways, that said, I've found this great new website that is mostly vintage-y and girly dresses. It's called ChicWish... Here are my top 5 finds... enjoy!! Good thing my school year's resolution is over. The prices are soooo reasonable!! Hooray! Ugh... I need to get paid... ugh... I need to work!!!

If you see something you can't live without, you can shop this page by clicking on the title in the caption. Enjoy!!
Irregular Sheer Shirt
How perfect would this be with skinny jeans and ballet flats?

Golden Band Crochet Tulle Lace Skirt
I love this so much, I would find a way to wear it all year long.

Retro Bohemian Lace Bag
How beautifully would this go with...EVERYTHING?!
Crochet Collar
How sweet is the little collar? It would instantly add something to anything you were wearing.

Floucing Chiffon Maxi Dress
I wish this was around when I was getting married. I loooooved my wedding dress, don't get me wrong, but this is so beautiful. This was my favorite dress on the site.

 I hope you loved these things as much as I did. Obviously there is a lacy, frilly, girly, lovely, theme going here. Hopefully some of these items will be hanging in my closet sooner that later.

Anyways, enjoy this Sunday!! See you soon!!

The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail

May 2, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone! I don't think I've seen a more beautiful day! It was so beautiful when I walked out of my arpartment this morning, I had to restrain from singing out loud. I don't know, I get musical when the weather is pretty. Whatever, anyways, this day is wonderful, and I'm determined to make it as such. I already shared with you in a post what we had been talking about in my theology class. It's all very daunting, but like I said, for the most part it's something I give very little thought. I feel like I should still make the best effort I can to have the have the best day every single day! Maybe I'm being to optimistic, but I'm rarely sad or mad.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. This color is my verrrry favorite color. My bridesmaid's dresses in my wedding were this color, I just cant get enough of it. The only downside to this dress is: it's 100% polyester, as many vintage dresses tend to be, and it is very very static prone. This dress has been sticking to my legs all morning. Body lotion will do the trick, I just need to get my hands on some.

 I thought I would go out on a limv today and take all my blog pictures around my school campus. From the outside it looks very cold, sterile almost with all the metal and grey, but when you come into the campus it's actually very colorful! All the walls are a different color, it's really quite beautiful. I thought that with the saturated color of this dress, the solid walls would lend nicely as a contrasting background.

 I will say this however, it's really awkward taking blog pictures on campus. Especially because the weather is so beautiful, everyone is outside. Some of the girls that follow my blog at school knew what I was doing ,but you know, boys don't get it. I just look like a crazy narcisist, which in a way, when I really think about it, its pretty narcisistic. Taking pictures of my own-self, to put on a blog thats all about what I wear. I dont know, just saying.
 OKAY, funny story about these glasses. My Aunt Anita, the woman who introduced me to shopping and fashion at a very young age, and paved the way for me to be the girliest girly girl ever, has a n ebay shop, and my brothers and I were sorting/cleaning the office so it could be prepared for ultimate business potential, and I found these old Serengetti's at the bottom of the pile. My Aunt Anita thought they were just part of the pile, so she let me have them... but they were actually my Uncle Richards!! Ovbviously he didn't care too much, becuase I still own them today, but when Nathan and I rand into Richard at Noahs, he was wearing a brand new pair of Serengettis. I dont know, it was funny in my head.
Well everyone that is officially it for me today. I've already shared with you my biblical thoughts for the day, and now I've shared my outfit for the day, We're about to skype Monique Donelly for our theory class, she's been the voice of cartoons before...my DREAM job. Hope you enjoy your day!! See you soon

I'll Meet You In the Air.

May 2, 2011

We're talking about the end times in my theology class, now, let me make it perfectly clear that we are talking about this, NOT because Bin Laden has been killed, but because it's in our syllabus to discuss this at the end of the semester, so don't get weird. I'm not a weird "end of the world" crazy-person, I rarely think about it actually, but since we're talking about it in class, I want to share the lyrics of this song with you, it's from my favoritist woman of all time, Sara Groves. It's called Going Home. The Song was released in 2001, but it brings to tears to my eyes even now

I've been feeling kind of restless.
I've been feeling out of place.
I can hear a distant singing,
a song that I can't write,
but it echoes in what I'm always trying to say.

There's a feeling I can't capture.
It's always just a prayer away.
I want to know the ending,
things hoped for but not seen,
but I guess that's the point in hoping anyway. .

Going home, I'll meet you at the table.
Going home, I'll meet you in the air.
You are never too young to think about it.
Oh, I cannot wait to be home .

I'm confined by my senses to really know what you are like.
You are more than I can fathom,
more than I can guess,
and more than I can see with human sight. .

But I have felt you with my spirit.
I have felt you fill this room.
This is just an invitation,
a sample of the whole,
and I cannot wait to be going home.

Face to face how can it be?
Face to face how can it be?
Face to face how can it be?

So thats actually not it for me today, I still have an outfit post to share, i just dont have the pictures ready to go. Anyways, maybe in the midst of alllll this crazy news, this might lift you up a little.
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