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May 25, 2011

Oh hello everyone!! My gosh, seriously how long has it been since I posted anything legitimate?! I wanna say three weeks. I mean, there was that online store post, but you know… like a real post. I don’t know. ANYWAYS! I am back, and I am so glad. I’ve missed blogging, and have gotten a bajillion new things to share with you.

One thing that has happened since I’ve been gone is that the school year has ended. While it’s rainy today (weird), Summer is now here. And since you know the school years over, you know what that means… so is my school year’s resolution of buying only thrifted/secondhand goods (Mostly from Freestyle Clothing Exchange, Big Valley Thrift, or Superior thrift). I thought I would be so excited to end my resolution that I would go out to H&M immediately and buy up the store. I found that I could not. My dearest friend Alyssa Severin and I ventured to the mall in literally months, and wandered through H&M and Forever pretty aimlessly. I must have tried on a hundred things and you know, I just wasn’t wowed…. I don’t know. There’s a sense of victory in finding that perfect piece among the “rubble” in the thrift store. Not to mention the pride that comes from getting vintage cowboy boots for $7.50. Anyways, though technically my school year’s resolution is over, it will go on in my heart forever. I don’t think I’ll ever return to my old ways. Plus, you can get vintage at Forever21.

Well, this is what I decided to wear today. I put on the dress before I had looked outside, and paired with ONLY gladiator sandals… To my dismay I saw that it was very cloudy, and pretty cold out, so I dug out my tights and boots, and put on my trench coat. I forgot how much I love to wear tights. They are my favorite accessory.

It’s funny to me that I mentioned Forever21 in the blog earlier, and this little dress is actually from Forever. However, I did buy it at Freestyle.

It’s funny to me that I mentioned Forever21 in the blog earlier, and this little dress is actually from Forever. However, I did buy it at Freestyle.

My wubby came home from work and surprised me with these beauteous vintage boots. Look at the awesome southwestern detail on the side. Who’s jealous because their husband doesn’t home with shoes? My husband is so great!! (and not just ‘cause he has the ability to know what shoes I love, and what size I wear).

Well everyone, that’s about it for me today! Tomorrow is going to be a really fun/adventurous day with my gal pal Rachel. We’re going downtown for a little thrifting fun. Can’t wait!! Hope the weather’s a little clearer!

See you soon!


  1. Those boots are amazing! OMG.
    I am glad you won't return to fast-fashion HM/f21 ways. They are garbage. There I said it. GARBAGE.

    Sustainable fashion or secondhand. All the way.

    You are beautiful.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  2. The print on your dress is so pretty, and those boots are very cool! I know what you mean about H&M and Forever 21. I've pretty much only shopped at thrift stores over the past five months, and now the clothes in the fast-fashion places tend to bore me. However, I was taken in by Modcloth recently while shopping for a dress for a wedding.


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