Watching the rain outside the window

Jun 1, 2011

Happy first day of June, also known as my most favoritist month! I am very confused by this weather, I have to say. This is California! We're supposed to have sunny sunshine! It really does make getting dressed difficult, as I have VERY successfully gotten rid of ALL of my warmer clothes, and have ZERO desire to wear jeans (seeing as I literally have 2 pairs of blue jeans, holey and non holey). I just wanna wear dresses for the next 90 days non-stop. I've garnered up quite a glorious collection of vintage beauties, but they just hang in my closet waiting for the sun to come out. Oh the anticipation...

Anyways, if thats the hardest thing in life, then I should shut my mouth right?! I mean seriously. Everything else in life rocks. Ie: I found Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince for $9 at Target. No more asking my friends to borrow theirs! Also, because of Freestyle, despite my lack of monies, I can feed my shopping habit by selling clothes I no longer feel like wearing. Also! My little brother's gf, Mandi, graduated from High School, and her par-tay is going to be sooo fun. I love that little woman! And once fall comes around, She and my brother can finally be closer than 6 hours apart. She's going to BIOLA... I'm so proud!!! So, no ocmplaining about the weather allowed.

Anyways, This is what I wore today:
This is one of the only dresses I have in my closet that I bought brand new. Its about...2 years old. It's a pretty special dress. It's one of the few items of clothing that I am emotionally attached to becasue I got engaged in this dress!!
We got engaged at Disneyland at Snow White's Wishing Well in 2009... I was sooo surprised. Look my wubby's legs! Daaang!

 One this that I really love about this dress, is it's versatility. It's summery because its strapless and short, and knit, but the colors and the pattern make it so seay to wear in the colder months. Just throw on tights and a sweater and POW!

This fence has serious nails in it. You can kinda see them in the picture. I have to be really careful when you lean up against it.
 UGH! The colors and the pattern of this dress are really what drew me to it. It just tsuck out among the rest of the loud trends at the H&M in Washington DC. What a great city! Am I right or am I right? I freaking love America.
 These boots were a Christmas gift from my wubby:) Man... He has a way with shoes. Seriously. I love that man, more than I love America.
Well everyone, thats about it for me today. I'm sitting near the loudest talker ever at Starbucks. She was talking about her break-up and then some girl-fight, then who knowswhat else. I know all the names of her friends, and all of her favorite swear-words. Someone help me. I'll probably go on over the freestyle, there are two vintage dooneys with my name on them. I'm actually not joking at all... they're on hold for me. Until next time...

See you soon!!

OH!!! PS!! If you go to Yelp and write a loving review about Freestyle, mention you heard about this place from Rachel Parrish on Parrish the Thought!! You won't be sorry:) Click on the word Yelp, and it'll take you righ there!!


  1. The color and the print of the dress are pretty amazing. Right when I just said something about not liking purple, and boom: you show up looking amazing in a purplish dress.

    Watch out for nails on your fence. And somebody bring us some sunshine. I am so sick of wearing sweaters!
    the Citizen Rosebud


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