I wish excercising self-control counted as working out!

Jun 27, 2013

Hello everyone! Thought I would share a few pic of my most recent thrifting adventure. I am actually at the very end of my financial rope, so I didn't end up actually purchasing anything, but good greif, it was so tough. If excercising restraint could make you buff... I'd be a body builder. There were so many great and beautiful things. 

Anyways, here's what i wore out and about the city of Rocklin ca. I did find that beachy wavy hair is a great hairstyle for trying on. Your hair never gets messed up! In fact, the messier the better, win/win! Also, this little denim dress was a secondhand find from a few days ago, I can't believe its taken me this long to take it for a spin. I'm in love with it! It'll be great when it gets cooler too with some tights. Too short for school though. This will be a church-only dress. How ironic.
short denim dress rachel parrish
I was dying over just about everything in the fitting room. Why did I even go in! The skirt on the left, and the maxi-dress underneath it were the real treasures. If they are still there on Sunday, It was meant to be. Gosh, seriously though, look at those ruffles.
short denim dress
I don't know if I've ever blogged about these little mocs. They aren't Minnetonka, and they are definitely not real leather. They are old lady comfort brand shoes! You would have never known! Found these babies during the winter. They are so comfy, and they were so cheap!
Black Moccasins
For those of you who follow my instagram, you saw that I finally got my June Birchbox. Super super fun subscription, and also super cheap at only $10/month! I'll be reviewing the box tomorrow. Anyways, I hope you guys are all having a great week thus far. I have a San Francisco trip scheduled with my mom for Friday. I can't even wait! I probably won't even sleep! See you soon!

A word to the wise ain't necessary

Jun 26, 2013

Hi Everyone!! I know it seems like cheap conversation to comment on the weather, but I have to! We Californians are not used to rain in June. At least for Sac-Joaquin Valley Californians, we're used to what's about come...104 degree weather. Anyways, you're welcome for that forecast update.

I've been saying for days now that I would post my thrifty finds, and today that word is being kept. I ventured out of my comfort zone and went to some place other than Crossroads Trading Co. or Freestyle. I live one exit down from both of those stores, so i'ts very comfy for me to shop there. Saturday, I went to Deseret Industries, a huge thrift department store run by the LDS church. I use the term departmet store very very intentionally, because it was the most beautifully organized thrift store I had ever seen. It was so clean, and color coordinated! It was awesome!

I didn't find much however, which was a bummer. But here's what I did find, and I was pretty happy with my tow. Between the pictures are my tried and true Thrifting methods. #1. Always go with your mom.
 First one was a fake one, although, I don't have nearly as good of a time when I go shopping without her. ANYWAYS! My first real tip for you, is one I actually didn't follow, and it's probably why I didn't find much.  Never go on a Saturday! If you can help it try to go during the week. Less people means more great stuff in the store. How fun is this Gingham tie-front top? It's a little Daisy-Duke...whatevs.
 Cute buttons, right?
 Next tip: Go early in the day, Kind of for the same reason you don't go on a Saturday. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best because after the busy weekend all of the new stuff gets put out. I have found great things after I get home from work, I rarely have time to go early, but when I do, I always hit the jackpot somehow. This lace top will go perfectly with a skirt I have at home. It was $2. I had to have it.
 Don't buy things that need work. Look carefully. Is there a stain? Is there a hole? Will you really actually take it to the alterations person? For me, if any of those principles apply, I hang it back up. This was a thrifting lesson my mom drove into my brain. I have broken the rule once, and that dress is still hanging in my closet waiting to be hemmed. It's so cute though! I can't bear to part with it. I'm hopeless. This wonderfully vintage bright blue lace skirt however needs no work at all! I love love love the scalloped hem.
 And last but not least, When you go thrifting, you do have to try things on, especially vintage stuff. So, don't get all cutesy and try to look hot at the thrift store. This will backfire on you. I typically wear a t-shirt dress and flip flops. In the winter I wear Jeans, T-shirt, Cardi, and slip-ons. I also highly recommend a pony-tail. If you wear a bun you will mess it up. These Vintage mushroom canisters were my real jackpot. They are metal, not ceramic, which makes them really low maintence. Unfortunately, the lids they came with smelled very very heavily of Curry, and I couldn't wash it out, so I had to throw them away, but these little guys are very happy sitting on my counter.
So, that's about it for me today. Outfit posts coming soon. I'm having lunch with my one of my dearest friends, Rachel, who I have posted about before and I'll probably be posting on that soon as well. Put sunscreen on everyone! See you soon.

Lazy Monday Morning

Jun 24, 2013

Hello everyone! Happy Monday to you! We have been having kind of weird weather lately here in Northern California. Two days ago it was 95, today its 75 and raining! Crazy I tell ya. Anyways, rainy days are the perfect excuse for super comfy outfits. This grey dolman sleeve top is probably my most favorite shirt right now. It's so comfy, and light weight so I can still wear it in the summer. I do apologize for Theodore photo quality, I only have my iPad to work with. Seriously Apple, you couldn't have equipped the iPad with a better camera? Oh well.

This is what I wore today. Navy cargos, grey t shirt, sandals. Perfect for rain and harry potter marathons. Cater outfits coming soon! Promise!

Well everyone, I'll be posting my thriftiness adventures from last week soon. For more up to date stuff, follow me on the instagram machine, at parrishthethoughtblog! See you soon!

How About, Life Is A Picnic...With You?

Jun 22, 2013

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well on this fine Saturday morning, Ive already been out an about for the day, and Kingdom is playing out at Raley Field for the Rivercat's Faith and Family Event, so I thought this day would be the perfect excuse to catch up on some blogging and school preparation and laundry...in order of priority!

Anyways, life has been so sweet this summer. Being a teacher has so many rewards, and one of the tangible rewards is Summer Vacation. I'ts been really nice to relax and catch up rejuvenate. I love love love being a teacher.

Also, this past week I had the divine privilege of being a speaker at a girl's retreat! It was my very first speaking engagement, and while it was small, it was HUGE in so many ways! It's awesome to see the unstoppable power of God. It was a retreat for the Senior Girls at Jim Elliot Christian High School, where I am a 2003 Alumni! It was such an honor and blessing to be able to pour back into the high school that had such a huge hand in who I am today. JECHS saved my life, really. Ugh, I'm getting teary. What a great retreat! Awesome ladies, Awesome God.

Here are a few pics from the week!

These fantastic ladies are a few of the Seniors of JECHS c/o 2014. Watch out world!
These are a few of the notes I received afterwards, If only those gals knew how they ministered to me! Making new friends is the best best best! I can't even put it into words!
While the retreat was in Santa Cruz, Nathan and I went back at the end of the week for a day trip. Santa Cruz has to be one of the best towns in all of America, not joking one bit. And in case you did notice (which you probabl didn't) I did get my hair done, this subtle ombre is by the fantastic Megan, at Salon Avanti in Stockton, CA. She's a hair magician! Also, we're obsessed with bubble tea. My favorite Milk Tea is the peach, and my favorite Snow Bubble is the Mocha. Nathan's favorite is the Green Tea. If you're into Iced Green Tea Latte at the Deathstar Starbucks, and you like Boba, you'll love it.
I am a firm believer in the power of a great one-piece, I got mine Here. I'm also a firm believer that you don't have show off all the goods to be sexy. I do have a Bikini, and I got it Here.
 The beach was packed! It was perfect day at 80 degrees. No one was having a bad day. I asked!
A little boy and his cousin Hannah decided that they were best friends with my Husband while he was out swimming in the water, it was precious. 
No better place for feet. Also, gratuitous picture of my pedicure (thanks mom!)
oh yeah, also this. He's not flexing. You're welcome. He's also not thrilled that I took this picture.
Well folks, there you have it. My week, in a nutshell. You can never have enough beach. You can never have enough California. And while my taxes dollars are being spent on things I always vote against, and the CA politicians have used to the budget surplus to raise their own inflated salaries instead of those of public school teachers, I will probably never move. I love this place too too much. Thanks Lord for the Natural beauty that is the California coast. You are the true Artist.  See you all soon!

Better Late Than Never Again

Jun 2, 2013

Holy! Hello everyone! It been about 5 or even 6 months since my last post, I realize that as far as blogging is concerned, that's just not acceptable! However, I had no clue as to how extremely one-sided my life would become. Seriously though, there were only two things that consumed my mind: teaching and making sure I spent time with my husband. I had very little time for a life. That's probably why my dear pastor, (and more importantly) friend Vanessa was called into ministry, to make sure people keep their eyes on Jesus and remember that their jobs shouldn't consume their lives. But hey, I think if as a teacher, you're not struggling to let school become your life, at least as first anyways, then you might be doing it wrong. Also, I teach the life of Christ, literally, that is the name of my bible curriculum. Im teaching a subject that I really have given my life to. It's not that I've given up part of my life to Christ, I live only in Christ. It's tough to strike balance when you teach a subject that you've devoted your entire self to.

 Anyways!! I'm gonna try this summer to be better about updating this blog, one major perk of being a teacher, summer vacation! I'll have something I haven't  had in almost a year: time. There was a time when I would do this everyday. how? It's a mystery. It really is.

Anyways, here are a few of the high lights from this school year.

This actually has nothing to do with school, but with normal life 3 out of the 4 in this group are Kingdon band-wives, and our men were rockin it at the Sleep Train Arena at the Kings game! Pretty fun!
This precious darling of a lady was my TA this year. She was also in my choir. Three awesome facts about this girl: 
1)She's hilarious! 
2) She's SUPER creative
3) She's a brainiac. She's so so so smart! 
Needless to say, I'm going to miss her. But I know that the Lord's got some amazing things in store for her. Also how do you not love a TA who get your Starbucks?! I mean...c'mon!
This very blurry picture (taken with my iPad) is our Choir rocking it in LA at he Heritage Performance Festival. We took first in our division! I couldn't have been more proud! Also, I'm very pleased to inform you that my group will be twice this size next year. When you have more fun than any other group of people on earth, word gets out!
They might be goofballs, but they're my goofballs, and I truly adore them.
When my seniors in Choir didn't have class they would often wander into my class and hangout. Occasionally they would draw my some awesome artwork. I had quite the gallery. When you're having a not-so pumped about life kind of day, it's always nice to have these kinds of things to look at. I'll probably keep these forever.
My little brother got married!! The one in the middle. Even though my other brother isn't on the market (so back off) he still has some bachelor-ing to do.

Also, I wrote a million tests and quizzes. This fake answer, I'm particularly proud of :)
Also, I got my craft on, and crocheted this cat-hat! I embraced the silly trend, but in a dignified way? haha. right.
And oh yes. Spirit week. This day was Wild and Wacky day. Somehow Symphony totally pulled off those glasses, and I totally couldn't.
Well everyone thats it for now. What a year, What an awesome awesome year. It's amazing how the Lord used inadequate people to do His work. I couldn't have possibly done it on my own. He gets all the Glory. I'll see you soon!

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