Better Late Than Never Again

Jun 2, 2013

Holy! Hello everyone! It been about 5 or even 6 months since my last post, I realize that as far as blogging is concerned, that's just not acceptable! However, I had no clue as to how extremely one-sided my life would become. Seriously though, there were only two things that consumed my mind: teaching and making sure I spent time with my husband. I had very little time for a life. That's probably why my dear pastor, (and more importantly) friend Vanessa was called into ministry, to make sure people keep their eyes on Jesus and remember that their jobs shouldn't consume their lives. But hey, I think if as a teacher, you're not struggling to let school become your life, at least as first anyways, then you might be doing it wrong. Also, I teach the life of Christ, literally, that is the name of my bible curriculum. Im teaching a subject that I really have given my life to. It's not that I've given up part of my life to Christ, I live only in Christ. It's tough to strike balance when you teach a subject that you've devoted your entire self to.

 Anyways!! I'm gonna try this summer to be better about updating this blog, one major perk of being a teacher, summer vacation! I'll have something I haven't  had in almost a year: time. There was a time when I would do this everyday. how? It's a mystery. It really is.

Anyways, here are a few of the high lights from this school year.

This actually has nothing to do with school, but with normal life 3 out of the 4 in this group are Kingdon band-wives, and our men were rockin it at the Sleep Train Arena at the Kings game! Pretty fun!
This precious darling of a lady was my TA this year. She was also in my choir. Three awesome facts about this girl: 
1)She's hilarious! 
2) She's SUPER creative
3) She's a brainiac. She's so so so smart! 
Needless to say, I'm going to miss her. But I know that the Lord's got some amazing things in store for her. Also how do you not love a TA who get your Starbucks?! I mean...c'mon!
This very blurry picture (taken with my iPad) is our Choir rocking it in LA at he Heritage Performance Festival. We took first in our division! I couldn't have been more proud! Also, I'm very pleased to inform you that my group will be twice this size next year. When you have more fun than any other group of people on earth, word gets out!
They might be goofballs, but they're my goofballs, and I truly adore them.
When my seniors in Choir didn't have class they would often wander into my class and hangout. Occasionally they would draw my some awesome artwork. I had quite the gallery. When you're having a not-so pumped about life kind of day, it's always nice to have these kinds of things to look at. I'll probably keep these forever.
My little brother got married!! The one in the middle. Even though my other brother isn't on the market (so back off) he still has some bachelor-ing to do.

Also, I wrote a million tests and quizzes. This fake answer, I'm particularly proud of :)
Also, I got my craft on, and crocheted this cat-hat! I embraced the silly trend, but in a dignified way? haha. right.
And oh yes. Spirit week. This day was Wild and Wacky day. Somehow Symphony totally pulled off those glasses, and I totally couldn't.
Well everyone thats it for now. What a year, What an awesome awesome year. It's amazing how the Lord used inadequate people to do His work. I couldn't have possibly done it on my own. He gets all the Glory. I'll see you soon!

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