Lazy Monday Morning

Jun 24, 2013

Hello everyone! Happy Monday to you! We have been having kind of weird weather lately here in Northern California. Two days ago it was 95, today its 75 and raining! Crazy I tell ya. Anyways, rainy days are the perfect excuse for super comfy outfits. This grey dolman sleeve top is probably my most favorite shirt right now. It's so comfy, and light weight so I can still wear it in the summer. I do apologize for Theodore photo quality, I only have my iPad to work with. Seriously Apple, you couldn't have equipped the iPad with a better camera? Oh well.

This is what I wore today. Navy cargos, grey t shirt, sandals. Perfect for rain and harry potter marathons. Cater outfits coming soon! Promise!

Well everyone, I'll be posting my thriftiness adventures from last week soon. For more up to date stuff, follow me on the instagram machine, at parrishthethoughtblog! See you soon!

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