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Jun 26, 2013

Hi Everyone!! I know it seems like cheap conversation to comment on the weather, but I have to! We Californians are not used to rain in June. At least for Sac-Joaquin Valley Californians, we're used to what's about come...104 degree weather. Anyways, you're welcome for that forecast update.

I've been saying for days now that I would post my thrifty finds, and today that word is being kept. I ventured out of my comfort zone and went to some place other than Crossroads Trading Co. or Freestyle. I live one exit down from both of those stores, so i'ts very comfy for me to shop there. Saturday, I went to Deseret Industries, a huge thrift department store run by the LDS church. I use the term departmet store very very intentionally, because it was the most beautifully organized thrift store I had ever seen. It was so clean, and color coordinated! It was awesome!

I didn't find much however, which was a bummer. But here's what I did find, and I was pretty happy with my tow. Between the pictures are my tried and true Thrifting methods. #1. Always go with your mom.
 First one was a fake one, although, I don't have nearly as good of a time when I go shopping without her. ANYWAYS! My first real tip for you, is one I actually didn't follow, and it's probably why I didn't find much.  Never go on a Saturday! If you can help it try to go during the week. Less people means more great stuff in the store. How fun is this Gingham tie-front top? It's a little Daisy-Duke...whatevs.
 Cute buttons, right?
 Next tip: Go early in the day, Kind of for the same reason you don't go on a Saturday. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best because after the busy weekend all of the new stuff gets put out. I have found great things after I get home from work, I rarely have time to go early, but when I do, I always hit the jackpot somehow. This lace top will go perfectly with a skirt I have at home. It was $2. I had to have it.
 Don't buy things that need work. Look carefully. Is there a stain? Is there a hole? Will you really actually take it to the alterations person? For me, if any of those principles apply, I hang it back up. This was a thrifting lesson my mom drove into my brain. I have broken the rule once, and that dress is still hanging in my closet waiting to be hemmed. It's so cute though! I can't bear to part with it. I'm hopeless. This wonderfully vintage bright blue lace skirt however needs no work at all! I love love love the scalloped hem.
 And last but not least, When you go thrifting, you do have to try things on, especially vintage stuff. So, don't get all cutesy and try to look hot at the thrift store. This will backfire on you. I typically wear a t-shirt dress and flip flops. In the winter I wear Jeans, T-shirt, Cardi, and slip-ons. I also highly recommend a pony-tail. If you wear a bun you will mess it up. These Vintage mushroom canisters were my real jackpot. They are metal, not ceramic, which makes them really low maintence. Unfortunately, the lids they came with smelled very very heavily of Curry, and I couldn't wash it out, so I had to throw them away, but these little guys are very happy sitting on my counter.
So, that's about it for me today. Outfit posts coming soon. I'm having lunch with my one of my dearest friends, Rachel, who I have posted about before and I'll probably be posting on that soon as well. Put sunscreen on everyone! See you soon.

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  1. Love it Rachel! Thanks for the tips and Happy Summer friend :)-Trini


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