I'm happy on the second tier

Jul 19, 2011

Good morning everyone! I hope you're doing well this lovely tuesday morning. It's been far too long since I've posted anything, and for that I truly apologize. Okay, so it's only been 4 days, but that feels long to me. But don't worry as far as outfits are concerned, you haven't missed much. Running around with children really calls for nothing but cutoff shorts and t-shirts, much to my dismay. I love planning and putting together outfits.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. I love the shape and color of this little halter. I feel like the peplum just really makes it super sweet, along with the lace and embroidered straps. I'm not normally into halter tops, but I couldn't resist this one. Also, it's the return of my tan wool skirt. I haven't worn it in quite awhile. I'm glad to see it out again :)

 I was a little bit leary of the peplum with the a-line skirt, but It's definitely growing on me.
 Here's a little bit better picture my new top. theres actually quite a bit going on, which makes the plainness of the skirt good. Stripes, Floral, Lace, Peplum... oh my!!

Look at the beautious detail in this bow! Gosh, I can't wait to style this top a million other things.

Well everyone, thats about it for me today. My wubby has a bad cold!! So I have to be home to nurse him back to health. Poor guy. Nathan never gets sick, he's a really healthy person, so when he does fall under the weather, its really bad. So after this I'll be running to the store for some soup and cold meds (and Emergen-C for me! I don't wanna catch it!). I hope you all stay healthy, and enjoy the rest of your day! You'll know what I'll be up to! See you soon!I'm happy on the second tier


  1. That's a really great shirt! The fit of it is beautiful and yes, the tie is gorgeously detailed. I love how you styled it with the beige skirt. You look stunning!



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