nothing is certain but death and taxes

Jul 26, 2011

Hi Everyone! Happy Tuesday to you all. I hope you’re week is going well thus far. Mine was good... until I had to re-do my taxes!! Do you know how confusing the 1040-X form is?! Good grief it is seriously the worst! I just found out that I have to completely re-do my taxes because of a discrepancy of $12... Good grief. It makes my brain just melt... not. fun.

Anyways! Now for happy news!!! Nathan and I went to Stockton because he had a tattoo appointment, so naturally my mom and I went to go run errands! There’s a great thrift store is Stockton called Superior thrift. I’ve mentioned it before. The Name suits this place perfectly. I never ever leave empty handed. I find my greatest stuff at Superior. And this trip with my mom was no different.

This is what I decided to wear today. Just a few of my finds from yesterday. I feel like the wide stripes and the shape of this dress are right on trend for the summer. I’ve got to find a way to style this so its suitable for the Fall. Same with all the midi-skirts that I’ve collected this summer. Anyways! This dress could not be a more simple outfit to style. The stripes are busy enough that you really don’t have to do much. Minimalism. I like that.

 I just really love everything about this dress. It was one of those things that you see on the hanger and think "I wonder...". I love when that thought pops into my brain. It's my favorite part of the thrift store.
 These clog sandals were such a steal!! I was so thrilled to see them in the shoe bin, I almost let out a little squeal! Only $6 for shoes I'll own for the rest of my life. Not a bad deal.

Well, that’s about it for me. I have to get to working on my financial aid.  It’s very frustrating. But when you go to a private Christian school, and you’re newly married, you pretty jump through any hoop to afford it! So… that’s gonna be my day, Boo. Well… I hope you all have a much more fun day me! See you soon!


  1. Goodness. You always have cute sandals. :)

  2. Ugh, taxes totally suck! BUT your dress is fabulous!! :)


  3. awesome find! love the colors of the stripes and the cool slouchy shape of the dress.


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