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Jul 2, 2011

Happy Saturday Everyone! Are you gearing up to celebrate America? I am, though we have to plans... Oh well. Maybe we'll just go on a 4th of July Date! I don't know why that sounds so fun... maybe a date to the lake? I'll suggest it.

Anyways we are still here in Stockton, you know, staying close to Family. And I thought that before we headed back to the Sacramento area, I'd take a few pictures for the ol' bloggy blog. My mom and I are watching a thing on the travel channel about festivals around America... did you know that there is a Hot Dog Festival in Frankfurt, Indiana? did you also know that Hot Dogs happen to be one of my most favoritist foods?! I know, healthwise, it's pretty shameful, but I dont have them very often.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. I have to be completely honest, this may be the most boring outfit I have ever worn. It's just a dress and sandals. Very little actual styling going on here. HOWEVER, this dress is a great shape, and it's going to transition into fall really well, so I really like it. Isn't sad that fall fashion is already entering my mind? I should move someplace that's kind of warm and kind of cold all year long, so all my clothes get more wear... San Diego perhaps? I dream, I dream.

 What drew me to this dress was the cut and print. I bought it from Superior Thrift (it truly is superior), but it's technically from the Gap.

 My hair really growing out, I haven't worn in such a long time, I didn't realize how long it was getting! Hooray! Long hair, here I come. ALSO, I haven't seen my natural hair color since... who knows, maybe my Junior hear of high school, 10 years ago? So, it's been nice not ever having to touch it up.

Well thats about it for me everyone. It's about time fore me to get going back to Sacramento. Have great rest of your Saturday, and try to keep cool! It's supposed to get over 100 here... oh gosh. See you soon!

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  1. hehehe... I am wearing those shoes right now! LOVE them!


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