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Jul 22, 2011

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday to you all! The heat is definitely back. No more pleasant walks over to Starbucks, I have to drive, I’ll melt… even if the walk is only 7-10 minutes. Oh well. Anyways! Two days ago I mentioned that I was gonna have a play date with my dearest friend from childhood (this is her wedding, featured in the Knot!!). I can prove it, you can just look every picture of my kiddy birthday parties, she’s there (and I’min all of hers!). It was such a blast, there are only a few people on this earth that make me laugh as hard as my husband does, and Karli is one of them. You know those friends that you don’t see for a while but when you do, it’s like no time has passed? That’s me and Karli. We both managed to get out of our little Hometown, and we’re still great friends! She lives in the Santa Rosa area. Next visit, me and Nathan are gonna visit she and James (her husband). Yay for best friends.

Anyways! Our day consisted of shopping till we dropped. Roseville has really great shopping, but you know me. I can’t buy brand new, I really cant. Everyones got great sales going right now, but even then with the great prices, nothing satisfies like a great find at a secondhand place. Sorry, but not really.

Well, everyone this is what I decided to wear today. I feel like the primary colors of this skirt make it perfect for summer. I like how it’s kind of nautical, but not with anchors and stripes. It’s nice.

This little hair clip is from Karli’s etsy store Darby and Lola. I am not joking, she’s like the craftiest woman I know (in a good way. She literally crafts things). Her store is soooooo cute! Every single one of those “o’s” is sincere. It’s super high quality and well made. I just adore everything in her store. I really like this clip because it’s not so big that it overwhelms my little baby pony-tail.
 Isn't the belt of this skirt so fun? It's like a party in a belt!

Well everyone, that’s about it for me. Be sure to stop by Karli’s store before you get off your computers! Her stuff is not to be missedJ Enjoy your Friday everyone! See you soon!

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  1. the shoes make the whole outfit! :) very cute! :)


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