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Jul 7, 2011

Hi everyone!! I hope your guys are having a great week thus far. My week has been unusually slow as I haven’t had to work this week, but you know me, I always find something to do. There are tons of thrift stores in this world for me to scour! However, I will say this, my search for a thrift store better than the ones in Stockton remains unfruitful! So thrift stores of Sacramento… its time to step your game up. Also… very few people are as fun to thrift shop with as my mom… and since she lives in Stockton, it’s kind of an unfair fight… so for that, I apologize.

Anyways, This is what I decided to wear today. It actually wasn’t my first outfit, but the dress I had looked like an acceptable length for going out in public, but then when I was putting the dishes away, I gave Nathan quite the show! So, this is what I changed into. This is one of my most recent Freestyle finds. I consider it to be a gem of a purchase. As my love for vintage dresses never runs dry. I’ve been magnetized to Hawaiian dresses these days, and while this dress doesn’t have the typical hibiscus print, the tag does indeed say, “Malia from Honolulu.” Weird huh?

The wrap around style is a little bit different than other ones that I have seen, which makes it a little more special I think. I also like that the straps are really wide so that I can wear normal bra, not a strapless one… I hate wearing strapless bras, even ones that fit are super annoying to me.

 Ugh! aren't the details and print of this dress something else?! The Construction is seriously second to none, especially for a vintage dress. I feel like this dress could be junked around and pulled and tugged, and not a single seam would budge.

In other news, I’ve been on the hunt for one of those popsicle ice trays where you pour your juice in and stick in the freezer, and in a few hours you have delicious popsicles, and I finally found one!! I found it at the Dollar Tree!! How cute is this? They’re shaped like little closed umbrellas! I love them. I filled them up with Lemonade (my other summer obsession. Nothing cools you off in the summer quite like nice cold glass of Lemonade), and voila! Delicious popsicles!
 look how exciting it is!!! Also, please take a gander at our crazily covered refrigerator. One day I'll do a post guiding you through mine and Nathan's life based soley on what it on our refrigerator.

Well everyone that’s about it for me today. Tomorrow’s Friday, so even though this whole week has been pretty much a week off, Weekends always seem so much more fun… I don’t know, with that said, yay for Fridays! See you soon!

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  1. Um, that dress is adorable! I want one. And a popsicle.


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