It's Not Over Till It's Over, But When It's Over, It's Over.... And it's not Over!

Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!! What a great holiday this is!! I LOVE easter, it literally gives my life meaning! Jesus' story didn't end on the cross, but He is risen! He is Alive! He is reigning in glory and victory in Heaven AND because of that we can all have hope to also be with Him in Glory. Man... if that doesn't sound like hope to you, then, in all seriousness, nothing does. How could I post anything on Easter Sunday (even if it is 9pm) without mentioning Jesus! He's awesome!

ANYWAYS, This is my last installment of San Diego stuff. Thanks for allowing me to relive my trip by letting me share all my pictures with you! Now trip to San Diego would be complete without a visit to either the San Diego Zoo, OR the Wild Animal Park. I suppose you could opt for both, but it would be very expensive.
This is me right as we got in. I effing LOVE animals, I find them to be soooo amazing. So evident of God's hand on our world. When we were on the tram we saw this cariboo with a "threat mask" meaning the stripes on his face make his antlers look longer and more threatening... that's not an accident my friends... someone designed that. ANYWAYS! here's me being super excited about going into the park. Look how green and lush and all around wonderful!
 Nathan is scoping out our path. See that Yellow ball in the back? Thats the SUN!! just kidding. It's a gian hot air balloon. It looks super fun, but it's a whopping $40 a person, so my family and I just walked, which was amazing.
 Chris is man. And he is single ladies. I got a girl at Jessup in mind for him... You think I'm joking, but I'm not.
 Waiting to get into the Butterful exibit. You know I loved that.
 AND THIS!!! I'm not sure if I have ever shared this on the blog, but I have a deep love in my heart for Spongebob Squarepants, it is my most favoritist show. Though I have made a solemn vow to NEVER wear anything with his face on it ever in public. PJs are one thing... school is another. My love for spongebob stops at my dorm room bedding. Dont judge.
 Oh man, aren't these fun! Look at Nathan's Crazy ol' face!! He's too funny for me. My brother said we was trying to squish his whole face through the face hole!!! I was trying to look sidways at Nathan. I just look like a smiling drunkard with my eyes closed! hahaha.
 The butterfly exhibit was really neat. There were huge butterflies everywhere, and they were landing on people! it was so beautiful! one landed on my cousin's head and her little guy, Anthony, was very excited about it. He's got to be the cutest little guy I've ever seen. He was walking all over the park like he owned the place!
Ahh yes, the tram. Here's a picture of me trying explain how I wanted Nathan to take the picture... If I just smiled like a normal human being, he'd know what to do! I'll never learn.
 Here's me being impressed/suprised.
 Here's a few more pictures of the zoo and a medley of pictures of our whole trip.
I didn't want to leave, I could have stayed... forever! Just kidding, Im glad to be at home. I love it here in Sacramento, but I can definitely hear the beach calling the Parrish's... I'm pretty sure it calls everyone's name. I can't say won't be looking for jobs in the area. Here's the medley of pictures over the whole five days. What a great trip! It was soooo fun, not a hitch the entire time. My parent's actually took us on this trip at no cost to us at all, making them the most generous parents of all time, they certainly didn't have to invite us, but I'm sooooo thankful they did. I think only Nathan and I knew how badly we needed a break. It was perfect.
Well everyone, thats about it for me. I hope you had a great Easter Sunday however you celebrated. I love Easter, because Jesus truly does conquer all! NOTHING can stop Him. He is love, and He is our hope, and perhaps the most exciting thing of all, He is coming back! He is Risen my friends, He is risen indeed.

See you soon :)

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