San Diego Day One: Stopping in Malibu to visit Matt

Apr 17, 2011

Hi Everyone!! I hope you're all doing glorious, as I totally am being here in San Diego. We just got in last night... our day of traveling lasted easily 12 hours. But not because of traffic, because of visiting my Brother Matt in Malibu!! It was so much fun!! My brother's not a "cool-guy" you know the type, deisel jeans and pointy dress shoes with sunglasses on inside, but he is like... the coolest guy! He has recently graduated (okay about a year ago) from LA Recording School, where he's learned all of this cool music production stuff, and so now he works in Santa Monica with a Music Producer and he gets to do all this really great stuff that he loves! It's so great! I'm sooooo proud to have him as a brother.

Anyways, this is my Travel outfit. You have to wear something comfy otherwise a 12 hour drive could feel even longer! This dress was one of my thrift store finds with my mom. Look how beautiful the trees are on my parent's street! They are just so full and green. They line the street so wonderfully. I often get distracted by them. Gosh, I love springtime! I didn't wear make-up because... what's the point when you're just sitting in a car? I should have taken a picture of the car we drove. Matt's old car's transmission blew out, so we drove his new car to him...a big ol' white Buick. We were driving to SD in style... grandma style. Which just happens to kind of be my style :)

 Driving along the water was soooo beautiful! It's so much prettier in real life than in it is in this sorry little picture.
So this is the balcony of the House my brother lives at  has been working at for the past two months. It was incredible! I mean... no other words can describe this view. Oh my gosh. Not to mention the absolute glory of this weather! I was having a ball.
 This is real folks! I was looking at/ being overwhelmed by this in real life. I coudln't believe where I was.
 This little dooney is my very favoritist bag. The colors are beyond great. I bought this a few years back before I really started getting into them, and the fact that I have NEVER ever considered selling this just goes to show what me and this little purse were meant to be. Oh yeah, and there's a little whale statue.
 Just me and my Eagle Pal.
Here we are! AHHHH.... look at the view!! It's so beautiful! Rumor has it that Jennifer Anniston lives in one of those beach houses down there. I didn't go down and knock on the door, so I can't know for sure.
 This is the true reason Nathan thought this place rocked.
 this is why I liked it.
 Absolutely. Insanely. Gorgeous. I coudn't believe my eyes.
There's my little bro! He's a very stylish man. I'm being serious! Being into clothes is definitely one thing we have in common. AND he's the only person I know who can work Lyle Lovett hair. He's a hard worker as you can see. In fact, there's everyone (sans my dad, who I think was continuing his own tour of this house). Get a load of that natural light.
Well everyone... thats about it for me. I hope you enjoyed this first installment of my trip. More photos and entries to come. I hope your spring break is going as well as mine!! If you didn't even go anywhere, make sure you give yourself time to rest and take it east! It's spring break for pete's sake!

See you Soon :)


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Little Mattie is not little any more! Look at that fabulous hair!! How cool is it that he's recording music? Is that your mama in the background? She looks lovely (with that gorgeous red hair) as usual! Miss you guys!

  2. Great photos! I wish to visit Sant Diego once :) Love your hairstyle & dress ♥
    xoxo from Hannie


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